Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Patty - Work Camping

February 4, 2013   

Well, the talk Patty had with the park owner about volunteering paid off.  Patty trained with the woman who only works here one day a week and now Patty is sort of the office manager here.  She checks people in, takes the rent, and sets up parties.  So far she has been up at the office a lot the past week due to it being the beginning of the month and rent is due.  It looks like she will work just a couple of hours a day starting this week.  This work will last until either the manager comes back (back problems), the owner hires someone else, or when we leave March 18th

Last night Patty organized a Super Bowl party and she also tended bar. I also chipped in and cooked about 75 hot dogs.  We also cooked 7 lbs of chicken wings.  We made 3 lbs of parm/garlic and 4 lbs of medium hot Buffalo wings. The party was an absolute blast!  Since the sexy bar tender was sexy, she got me pretty hammered too!  We also had a pool for $5 a square.  We didn't win of course! 

While Patty was in the office last week I went on my longest bike ride yet, 13 miles.  That is the longest loop ride I can do without running into a major highway.  The area we are in is bordered by I 75 in the West, I 595 (Everglades Expressway) to the North, Flamingo road to the East, and Orange Road/Griffin Road to the south.  The next ride I do I think will be the same 13 mile route but include a couple of miles going across I 75 into Weston.  I think 15 miles will be enough for a day’s ride anyway. 

Last week we went to dinner and a comedy show at the Glufstream Casino in Hallandale Beach.  We had dinner at the Texas de Brazil rodizio steak house.  The dinner was very good and also very expensive.  We (I) also ate way too much as this is an all you can eat place.  The comedy show was good, not great, but good.  One of the comics did a great impression of Obama.

This week our friends Debbie and Ian will be arriving from NJ.  They are going on a cruise on Saturday.  So they are arriving early and staying with us Thursday and Friday night before the cruise.  Then they will stay with us again the Sunday night they return from the cruise.  There is something like 8 other couples going on the same cruise from our resort.  Patty had to reschedule the VD party here due to the number of people being gone on Valentine's Day!

A little about the weather; It’s great!  We just had the typical Florida winter with temperatures around 77 in the day time and 55 at night.  The lowest so far was 49 one night and the coldest daytime I think it was 69.  We also have just had one day of off and on light rain.  This coming week it looks like the weather will be dry, sunny, with temperature returning to the low 80s by tomorrow. 

Water works at the Glufstream Casino

Patty at her desk in the office.

Patty tending bar at the supper bowl party.
Super bowl pool we didn't win

There are 3 turtles we know of  in the pond here.  This one often comes up to sun himself.  It's funny that he puts up his feet while sunning.

We eat very well in our RV.  This was a dinner we had last week .  It was a Cornish hen with asparagus and mashed potatoes.  Yummy!

Stay tuned! 

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