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Waiting for the Fiver

Can't believe that it has been 4 weeks since we ordered the Sanibel.  We ordered it the day before Patty's birthday last month.  Bill Haines (the salesman) called last week to give us the VIN for the Sanibel and to say that it is still on time to come off the production line in Indiana next week on the 19th.  Now we are getting excited!

Since ordering the Sanibel and getting the BAT (Big Ass Truck) we have been getting ready for the departure start-up.  We had a roll-up cover put on the truck so we can keep stuff secure when not towing.   We bought a Progressive Industries power management system for the Sanibel to protect it from bad camp ground power supplies.  I will install that first thing after we get the Sanibel to NJ.  We have new anti-gravity chairs with tables ordered (tables came yesterday).  We also bought a new bike rack for the back of the RV with a cover so we can stow our bikes. Right now the BAT is at the dealer (8 days now, get it back tomorrow) getting the 5th wheel hitch installed as well as some minor warranty work.  Also, our South Dakota plates have arrived and the dealer will install those also!  Last week our launch site (Rob and Cindy's driveway) had a new main breaker panel installed which included two 50 amp breakers for us to use to power the Sanibel while in their driveway.

We have made our first camp ground reservations.  The first is at a camp ground in Grand Islan,d NY near Buffalo for August.  Grand Island will be our first camp ground stay and is scheduled for August 16th through the 27th.   Next is the Sugar Creek Campground in Crawfordsville, IN from August 28th - September 4th.  Then we are off for the trip across the country to Oregon for the RV Dreams Rally in Harrisburg. We plan to arrive at the rally site on September 16th. We also took a whole morning planning out our route from Indiana to Oregon.  We know we may not stick to our plan but we now have a baseline to follow.  Lastly, we booked a week at Disney's Wilderness Campground for a week next June where we plan to host my son and his family (grandkids!).

Just had to add that we won an E-Bay bid for a tire monitoring system!  The minimum bid was for $499 and that is what I bid a few days ago.  I couldn't find this system for less than $700!  The system should be here next week.  It has 10 wheel sensors that attach to a tires valve stems that send the pressure and temp data back to the display in the truck cab.  Guess I'll install the first 6 sensors on the truck once I can find the valve stems on the inner rear tires.  The main thing with this protection is really for the RV as a blow out can cause a lot of damage to the RV.

Tomorrow we should have pictures of the BAT with the hitch installed.

Stay tuned!