Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

BAT Pics and Beach

Finally, after 10 days we get the BAT back with a new Reese 22k 5th wheel hitch.  It was raining and cold yesterday when we picked it up at the dealer so I didn't look real close at what was done.  I did open the tail gate and saw the hitch though.  We got in the truck and headed back to the shack.  About a mile down the road, patty asked if I looked to see if the new South Dakota plates were attached, which I hadn't.  So, at a stop sign, Patty jumped out and found that they had not installed the plates; damn it! This is New Jersey during rush hour traffic and you can't make left turns and the dealer is on the left going back.  It took us 10 minutes just to turn around to go back to the dealer.  All's well, we got the plates installed and were then on our way back to the shack again.

 New South Dakota Plates

 New truck bed cover

 New 5th wheel hitch

We were back at the shack just settling in after a dinner of steak and spinach when I got curious about where they put the new RV electric brake plug.  Got a flashlight and outside I went to take a look.  Opened the tailgate and looked around with the flashlight, no plug!  I rolled up the bed cover, got up in the bed and still didn't see a plug.  I'm starting to get pissed so I lay down under the truck and look at the trailer wiring for signs of new wiring.  By gosh there was new wiring for sure, but where did it go?  Came back inside and went to the internet to see how one would wire a new plug.  It looks real easy and most put the plug on the drivers side just behind the wheel well.  I go out and look again, no plug.  So all night I was thinking  I was going to need to go back to the dealer and start a fight.

First thing in the morning I got up and out to the truck I went to look for the plug in the daylight.  I saw it as soon as I opened the tailgate.  They did a great job and put it near the tailgate so we can reach it from the ground, excellent!  So now it is a great day!

New hitch (note the plug on left near the tailgate)

Found out that our RV was completed at the factory on time on the 19th.  The schedule is to have it shipped this Monday from the factory in Indiana to the dealer in PA.  We are still on schedule for picking it up either the 1st or 2nd of August.  Yee haw!

We went to a great concert on the beach last week.  Thought I would put a picture here.

Stay tuned!

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