Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Truck Modification - TPMS

I decided to add a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to the truck.  Seems the one brand most used on RV-Dreams is the Pressure Pro brand unit.  Wow are they expensive!  The cheapest I found was $705 for a 10 sensor system (6 truck and 4 for the RV).

While looking for a cheaper way to get this system I found it on E-Bay as a bid item with a minimum bid needed of $499.  I placed a minimum bid and Ha, I won!

Got the system last Wednesday and installed it on Thursday.  There is not much to do to install the system.  The package comes with 10 round sensors that attach to the tire valve stems, a power cord that needs to be hard wired to the truck, and the control monitor unit.  I started by looking up on the internet to find how to access the aux switch wiring in the truck.  The truck has 4 aux switches that are wired to the ignition so the system will only run when the key is placed in the Run position and the switch is placed to the on position.   The wires under the dash were easy to find so I had the wiring done in about an hour.

I used Aux 4.

I routed the wire to the passenger side dash where I put the monitor with the provided Velcro strips.

Didn't know where else to put this.

Next was to install the sensors on to each tires valve stem.  The procedure is to turn on the monitor/control unit and put it to program mode.  A wheel position lights up and the screen says "no sensor".  That's where you start.  Screw the sensor on to the valve stem and then return to the monitor and wait a few seconds for it to show a pressure.

Outside dual rear tire

Front tire.

Next, press the up or down button and the next tire location will show up and you repeat the process until all are installed.  When we get the 5th wheel I will install the last 4 sensors on it.  The TPMS will alarm me when a tire pressure goes below 12% and then again at 25% below the original set point.  It will also alarm if the pressure goes above 25% of the set point.

I had a chance to drive the truck at highway speeds this past Friday for 150 miles.  After an hour of driving with an ambient temperature of 95f , I checked the tire pressures to see how much they rise just driving.  The pressures went up about 12%.  I was surprised that they went up that much.  For example, the drivers side front tire when from a cold pressure of 86psi to 97psi hot.  Now I'm wondering how high the PSI goes while towing.  We will find out this Saturday when we tow the 5er 120 miles back to Jersey.

Stay tuned.

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