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Next Phase - Rig Purchase

We purchased our 5th wheel yesterday!  It's a new 39 foot 2013 Sanibel 3500 manufactured by Prime Tme (Forest River).  We had auto levelers and a 5.5kw generator added to the unit.  Still need to add the satellite TV system. The unit will be completed by July 17 and be ready for us by the end of July.

This is a link to the Sanibel.

We have been casually looking at RVs for the past 3 years and seriously for the past 6 months.  We were originally thinking of getting a top of the line used unit to save some cash.  Then Patty found this new RV brand from Forest River that is making luxury models for our budget.  The Sanibel 3500 had all of the features we wanted; "L" shaped kitchen area, TV that can be seen by all in the living area, hard wood cabinets, and a bath room that was separate from the bedroom.  Also we wanted automatic leveling, a generator, and an automatic satellite system.  The Generator and the auto leveling are options that we are adding at the factory.  The satellite system is an other story.

Seems the satellite systems are added by the dealer or by third parties.  The stock RV has a connection for a satellite antenna in a compartment located on the under side of the RV. This connection is there so you can use a tripod antenna on the ground.  We want a roof mounted auto aiming system connected to all 3 TVs in the unit.  We learned that RVs are not wired for making easy changes.  We ended up with the dealer service department developing an estimate for the work to add the satellite system.  It will most likely be around $3k.  In the mean time I am going check out other people who can do this.

Now we are on the hunt for a truck.  There are 2 trucks in our area now that we will look at in the next couple of days.  Both are used, but still pretty pricey!  We'll let you know how that goes.

Stay tuned!