Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

New South Dakota Drivers and voter registration

We are one major step closer to being South Dakota residents!  We got our SD drivers licenses and registered to vote today.

More news, we got the e-mail today we were waiting on, the house sale will close tomorrow!!!  We have already changed most all of our addresses with credit cards and banks to SD.  Now with our new drivers licenses and the house sale closure tomorrow, we will no longer be residences of NJ and will be residences of South Dakota.

I (Mark) had a little scare at the SD DMV today.  To get a SD DL you need a document that shows identity and nationality like a passport and something that proves your social security number like a SS Card.  If you are planning to be a RV full-timer, you need a receipt of one night stay in SD.

I thought I had everything and even stopped on the way to the airport to travel out here to get my SS card I saved since I was 14 years old.  The SS card I have been saving was only a receipt for a card, it looks just like a SS card.  So after waiting for 30 minutes at the SD DMV to get my DL, I was told that I needed a SS card or an IRS W2 or IRS 1099.  I was a little more than bummed out to say the least.  Would I need to travel out to SD again?  The answer was too easy, just need a copy of an IRS 1099 or W2!  I had a 1099 on my computer in the hotel room which I copied on to a thumb drive and Americas Mailbox printed it for me.  Back to the SD DMV within an hour and got my SD DL!!

We took a drive on the Skyline Drive above Rapid City and took this picture from Dinosaur Park.

Just before we went out to eat big storms passed on both sides of us.  We were looking at radar on our phones and since it's so flat here the weather outside looks just like it does on the radar.  We were able to walk to the Flying J and have soup and salad and watch the storms pass.  It was the end of a real good day.

Tomorrow we are taking a 9 hour tour of the Black Hills.  Need to be at the sign up at 7:30 am.

Stay tuned.

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