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House Closed on Friday!! End of 2nd phase

Finally, we are now homeless and jobless, at least for a little while.  The last closing date had been last Wednesday which came and went.  We were told that Friday would then be the day.  This has gone on for 4 weeks with a closing going to happen at least 2 different days each week.  So by 11 am on Friday I sent our lawyer an e-mail asking if anything was going to happen today.  The reply was, "they" say it is going to happen.   She sent us new paper work with the new numbers for us to approve which we did.  It's now 11:30 so we decide to go to the beach.  I was talking to my sister on the phone at the beach and I get a text from our Realtor.  I hang up from the phone and read the text, "we are in closing and it should be done in 1/2  hour."  Wow!!  It was done as quick as that.

We are off next Tuesday to RV and truck hunt! We like the Sanibel 3500 built by Prime time, subsidiarity of Forest River.  It is 39 ft long with a weight of 14k lbs unloaded.  Our requirements are that the 5th wheel be 38 ft or longer, have an "L" shaped kitchen area, living room where all seats can see the TV, washer/Dryer hook-ups, no sink in the bed room.  After that we add the options, satellite TV and generator.  There is one in Shoemakerville PA which is 2 hours away.

Now we get to spend the money!