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First Open House

Sunday, January 29, we held our first open house.  No one came, except for Chas who has no money!  We think that part of the problem was that the local newspaper failed to post the ad.  Also, we think we may have the house priced to high.  So we are going to lower the price and have another open house at the end of February.

We had the house in "eat off the floor" shape with all of the lights on and all of the inside doors open.  We had candles burning with the sent of flowers in spring and balloons tied to the For Sale Sign and to the mailbox.  That morning I even repainted four doors that had a few scratches on them. We were ready.  About an hour in to the Open House, we here car doors and our mood brightened.  Damn, it's Chas!  Chas swaggers in and says this is a lovely house and he is prepared to purchase it with the millions he has from his recent win of the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  Wouldn't that be friggin nice!  So then every half and hour or so Chas would return to the house to pretend he was buying it.

At 3:00 we opened the wine and by 4:00 we closed up the Open House as we had enough excitement for the day and decided to take a nap.  After napping we went out to eat and relaxed.