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Update: Selling the house progress

Since the "non-event" open house, we had one person, a Realtor, come and look at the house.   She took the tour offered by Patty and made interested remarks about the house.  She didn't stay long and after a couple of days she sent some material on how she would sell the house disguised as how WE should sell the house.  She showed initiative so we will keep her in mind.

We also had a couple call us a couple of times trying to initiate a financing scheme that made absolutely no sense.  We chalked them up as crack pots.

So we are trying a new avenue by putting the house on EBay as an auction.  We also have it listed in the EBay classified section. CLICK here for (Ad for our house auction on EBay). and (The EBay classified Ad).

Now we wait and see what happens.