2012 - 2017 Travel Map (Map NOT Current) - Now in South Prairie Washington

OK, here we go!  The house is officially up for sale as we put the sign in the yard.  The yard is frozen even though the temperature is 47f.  We had to pour hot water on the ground where the sign feet go in so we could pound the sign into the ground.  Even with that the feet only are in maybe 2 inches.  It's now 3 hours later and the sign is leaning about 20deg, we will need to hammer more tomorrow morning.

The big event is still the open house that is advertised in the newspapers for this Sunday.  We think we will get mostly Realtors.  All it takes is just one "right" buyer and we are out of here!!  I hope Patty is right in that she thinks the house will sell quick.  I love her optimisim!