Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Jacksonville Florida, Mayo Clinic Redo

June 10-17 2016

Another short post to chronicle our second visit to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida.  We are returning to the Mayo because they couldn’t do an MRI while we were there a month ago in May.  Yeah it seems crazy that they couldn’t do the MRI or that we could get it done somewhere else.  But that is the way it is with the Mayo, they want to do everything. Also, Mayo wouldn’t do the other test until the MRI was done. So here we are a month later back at the Mayo!

This seems to be normal for this area on Southbound I 95.  Bumper to bumper traffic around Charleston South Carolina.  We were in this for about an hour.

On the way down to Jacksonville we stopped near Parris Island SC.  We found this seafood place along the road so we stopped to get some dinner.

This is another place we stopped on our way back to Jacksonville.  This place was a dump!  Can't see why this is an Encore place.  We were there just one night.

In order for us to make time to be back here in Jacksonville we had to make a few adjustments to our travel schedule. Basically we just cut off visiting the Outer Banks and the Kitty Hawk NC area.  So we just went as far north as the southern border of North Carolina and made a U-Turn and returned to Jacksonville.  We spent three weeks getting to North Carolina and just three days coming back!

Our landing place for our week back in the Jacksonville area.
This was a nice place and close to everything.

Our site.

Our schedule for Mayo started on Monday the 13th with a redo of the Gastro Dr. visit to reestablish the schedule for her tests.  She had her MRI on Tuesday the 14th, a 4 hour gastric emptying study on the 15th, and then the last, an endoscope with an ultrasound of the pancreas on Thursday the 16th.  The only thing we learned this week was that she does not have pancreatitis.  All other results we will get from the Doctor next week via a phone call.  That concludes the Mayo part of our Jacksonville redo!

We got out once for dinner at the Mojo BBQ Pit and Blues Bar.  

In a prior post from Jekyll Island Georgia I described how my bike was badly damaged and that I had ordered a new one from Walmart.  Well, the new o ne was supposed to be delivered to the Walmart a mile from our site in Jacksonville on Wednesday.  I was pretty excited to get a new bike and a little anxious getting a bike I only saw on the internet.  
My bike as seen on the internet.

Wednesday rolled around and I had not gotten any messages from Walmart saying my bike had arrived.  I couldn’t take the wait any longer so I went to the store and asked about the delivery of my bike.  I come to find out that my bike was not going to get here until sometime next week! That was just not going to work for me as we will be in New Jersey by then!  I was quite disappointed, but I had to cancel my order for the bike.  

Just to make my bike ordeal worse, Walmart made it real difficult to cancel the order.  They couldn’t cancel the order from the store, I had to call their corporate office to do this.  As one would expect, I was put on hold and switched around from one rep to the next for a very long time.  It took me over an hour to get the bike order canceled after going through 3 Walmart representatives on the phone!

While I was on the phone with Walmart I was still in the Walmart where the bike was to be shipped.  To kill time I decided to go back to check out their selection of bikes, just maybe they would have one I would like.  As I was looking at their bikes I noticed a bike that had all of the features I wanted in a new bike.  I wanted a 26 inch bike with trail type tires, gears (preferably just 7), and handlebars that were higher so I didn’t have to have all of my weight on my arms.  I pulled the bike out and what do you know, it’s the bike I ordered!  It was the only one there and it didn’t have any of the sales tags on it, just a bar code sticker on the frame. 

After checking the bike out and determining that I did in fact still want this bike, I wheeled the bike up to the cashier and she rung up the bike based on the bar code from the frame. The cost came to just $41!!  The cashier just raised her hands and said “just take it it’s y;our day"!  As I was leaving with the bike I was stopped by one of the people this store has to check your receipt with your purchases.  I thought I was done for now!  She said "WOW you got some deal on that bike"!  I told her there was a sale and she should go back and get one for herself. hehe!

I think that the bike I found was probably the bike I ordered and for some reason they put it on the floor and lost track of it.  That is why they said it would be another week to get a new one as they lost the original one.  So my aggravation with not getting the bike and cancelling turned into me getting the bike I ordered for a third of the cost!  It was a great day!

On Thursday I switched out the seat and the saddle bags from my old bike to the new one.   Then it was time for a nice ride of some length.  The area around our campground was not conducive to riding a bike so I settled with just riding around the campground itself.  I managed to get 5 miles in by riding in large circles and figure eights.  The prognosis is that the bike works great for me!  Yee haw!

My bike ready for me now!

This bike didn't come a quick release axle so I added an aftermarket quick release system to it.  Just $19 for a pair of these quick releases, one for each side.  I need to have the quick release for the front wheel so I can lay the bike down in the bed of the truck and still close the bed cover.

Note the adjustment screw in the center of the handlebars.  That allows me to raise the bars up so I can ride in more of a sitting position than riding on my arms.  A cool feature of this bike that helped sell it for me.

On Friday we pulled up stakes and started our fast track up to New Jersey.  The trek up to New Jersey on Interstate 95 will be the subject of the next post.

Stay Tuned!

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