Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Ocean Isles Beach NC – Visit Friends

June 7 - 10: 

This will be a very short post.  The reason this post will be short is that Patty got sick while we were in NC and didn’t venture out of the RV most of the time we were there.  She has bouts of depression that completely overcome her and she just can’t get out of bed.  She also somehow got an abscess under her tongue which didn’t help either!

We left the Myrtle Beach State Park on Wednesday and traveled to our friends Mike and Dale's house in Ocean Isles Beach NC.  We are staying in their yard with the use of their water and just a 20 amp circuit for electricity. They had a “good and clean” 20 amp circuit, meaning a circuit with just us on it and a breaker that actually holds 20 amps.  With the 20 amps, we had use of our LED lights and the smaller of the two air conditioning units.  To help with the electrical load, we switched over the fridge and hot water to propane.  It was fine for the days we were there.  We had just one hiccup at first when we turned on a set of halogen lights and tripped the breaker.  We learned our lesson so that didn’t happen again!

Our 5th wheel in Mike and Dale's yard.

I took this picture from the back of Mike and Dale's large back yard.

We had plans to tour the area with our resident tour guides but instead I hung out at the pool and Patty in bed.
Mike and Dale made the most of it and were good hosts even though it was a let down from what we had planned to do while there.  I got some pool time and I had some really good food Dale prepared for me.

This is where I spent most of my time here.  I really have it rough!

Our first morning, Wednesday the 9th, before Patty was completely out of it, we had breakfast at one of the finest cafes in the area, Big Nell's Pit Stop.  When I go out for a meal I usually have something that I can’t or is not easy to make myself.  So, since it was breakfast, I had a pecan waffle.  I was not disappointed in the least as that was one of the finest waffles I have ever eaten!  Mike and Dale are regulars here so the cook came out to talk with us so I thanked her for my perfect waffle.  She told me that her secret was to put lemonade in the batter, hmmmmm…..

Big Nell's sign at the road.

Big Nell's Pit Sop with (l-r) Mike, Dale, and Patty

Not much else to tell in this post sorry to say.  We left on Friday the 10th to head back to Jacksonville for round 2 at the Mayo Clinic.  

Many, many thanks to Mike and Dale for the southern hospitality they offered to us despite the less than exciting company we offered in return! 

Stay Tuned!

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