Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

First week in Crawfordsville Indiana for 2015

June 11 - 17, 2015

It’s been a pretty good first week here in Crawfordsville Indiana.  First, we got our satellite system back this week. Actually it got here before we did.  This week it was also time for the 3 day Strawberry Festival in Crawfordsville.  We have had a lot of time with family too!

First thing Tony does when he arrives is to solve the puzzle of unlocking the wine bottle.

We got the satellite system back just about 3 weeks after sending it to Winegard in Iowa.  The final cost was $525 with a breakdown as follows: $50 Parts, $130 shipping, with the remaining being 3 hours of labor, $225.  Also, they sold me a new reflector at $23 saying the old reflector didn’t have the required gain.  I think that was BS, they just wanted me to have a new reflector to show off their name.  My old one was faded.   The real pisser was that they made me send back the old one which cost me double the cost of a new one at $55 to ship.  So, with my shipping and boxing, and Winegard's charge to me, the total cost was $525.  

The satellite system was very well packed in one large box. It really looked like they sent me a new system.  The roof roller was the giveaway though.  The roller was the only part that looked like it had been used.  I think they cleaned the old system up and then repainted it.  The wiring even looked like it was new.  None of this newness was accounted for in the price though.

Winegard's packaging makes what I sent look real bad!

Now I just need to get this on to the roof!

Anyway, I now have a nice new looking system on the roof that works.  It was a lot harder getting all of the equipment up on the roof than it was getting it down.  I also picked a real hot day of 95 to do the work.  And for some reason I am a glutton for punishment, I did the work on the roof in the afternoon after I did my 5 mile run/walk!  The reinstall really wasn't that hard, it was just really hot.  The whole job took me about 2 hours from getting out the ladder to putting it away. Just glad that job is done now!

All of the stuff is now on the roof, just need to put it where it is supposed to go!

The Strawberry Festival is held every year in downtown Crawfordsville IN.  It has a really big draw from the local area as this is the only thing going on.  We like to go once just to see the crafts and to eat junk food.  We also like to watch the kids have fun too!  The festival has live music that is pretty good too.  We went on the first day, Friday afternoon, to have a late lunch.  That is a very good time to go as it is a weekday so people are still working, the poor bastards!  We had a very good time there with the grandkids.

Girls playing the ring toss game while Grandma watches.

Livy hooked a plastic fish.  She won a "big" prize for that!

Tony's new car, he wishes!

They had a small zip line at the festival.  This zip line you can rent for parties.  Just 2 of the girls went on the ride, Bailey and Livy.

Note the smile on Livy's face.  She loved the zip line.  She is a little daredevil!

Not so much smiling for Bailey!  She went even though she was afraid, so good for her!
Savannah is watching from the shade.

Not sure what this car is but I liked it enough to take a picture and put it here.

Most of the week the kids have either come over to our RV or we have gone to their house.  We have also had some time to ourselves too which is good.  What we can see so far is that Savannah has grown the most, followed by Livy.  To me is doesn't seem like Bailey has grown much in the past 7 months (other than her chest!).  However, she is the one who grew the most last year.  

The kids can be nuts at times.  We had a big rain one afternoon so the girls stuck their heads under the run off from the roof!

Savannah and Livy both like to help in the kitchen.  We are making strawberry cool whip dessert! Patty's favorite and I love this stuff!

Who else but grandpa has extra bubble wrap!  What a great toy and fun!
 Need the bigger bubble though next time.

We have a lot of hummingbirds at our feeder now!  Have not seen multiples at one time yet.  I have seen 5 different birds though.
Well, that’s it for this post.  The posts will be shorter and fewer while we sit for a month.  Usually we will have one a week during our sitting periods. 
Stay Tuned!

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