Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

East to High Point North Carolina

June 01 - 02, 2015   

We decided to visit a friend who lives in High Point NC after we left the rally site in Marion NC.  High Point is just 130 miles east making this a short move of around 2 hours.

We were in our long term set up for the 11 days at the Tom Johnson site.  When we are set up for the long term it takes us a little longer to pull up and leave.  Our flag is set up with a solar light and all mounted to the rear ladder.  We have lights under the RV along with our large mat out. The awning is tied down and we have the bird feeder out too.  And of course the grille is set up!   

Since our travel was going to be short I did my usual 5 mile walk/run before tearing down the site. Before starting to tear down the site, I went to a gas station and topped off the fuel tank.  I didn’t start tearing down until about 12:30 and we were pulling out of the park at 2:00; 1.5 hours to tear down. The short stay set up takes us about half an hour to tear down, so the long term takes us about an hour longer.

We did have a mishap closing the slides.  The entertainment slide is supposed to slip under the ceiling fan blades.  This has always been very close with the fan blades actually touching the edge of the slide as it retracts.  We think that the fan blades have dropped just a little in the past 3 years. So this time one of the blades caught on the edge of the slide as it was closing, SNAP! "@#%#@@!!!  Oh well, sometimes you are the bug and sometimes you are windshield.  We were the bug this time!

The trip to High Point NC was uneventful, which is a good thing I guess.  The terrain was mostly flat as we were heading away from the Appalachian Mountains now.  We arrived at the Oak Hollow RV Park around 4 pm.  

Oak Hollow is owned by the town of High Point.   It is a little expensive at $35 for full hook ups, but it does have decent Wi-Fi.  We picked site A25 as it had 50 amps. It doesn't matter here, 50 and 30 amp are the same price.  

The sites are back in and are staggered from left to right, 24 to the right right and then 25 was on the left.  Well, we read the site markers wrong and went into site 24 which is a 30 amp site.  We didn’t find out until the next morning that we were in the wrong site.  Oh well, we will get by with the 30 amps.

The real bad thing about the sites on the right side like 24 is that they are very unlevel from front to back.  We tried to raise the rear of the RV by placing some of our extra leveling blocks under the tires but that was just not enough.  The rear jacks are at full extension with 2 one inch leveling blocks under them, making the rear raised 20 inches.  The front jacks are completely retracted and we are still not fully level. We are out by 2 degrees from front to back with the rear jacked up 20 inches and we have the 2 rear tires completely off the ground!  Good thing it is only for 2 nights.

This is one of those sites that has the water connection on the opposite side.  The hoses need to come under the RV.  You wonder sometimes who plans out these campgrounds!

That chock on the far side isn't doing anything!  I am just a little worried that I might slip off and roll down the hill into the woods!

After we got set up we headed over to meet our friend Karen McNamara and her family for dinner at their house.  They only live about 3 miles from the campground making this camping site very convenient.  Karen lives with her daughter Antoinette and her husband Paul.  Her daughter has 2 kids (Aurora and Emmett) who are extremely outgoing!  The family just moved here from Houston TX about a month ago so they are new to the area.  Karen was originally from eastern Pennsylvania and worked with Patty in western New Jersey.  That’s how we got to know Karen.  

We had a great pasta and spicy sausage dinner, with great sauce!  We then spent the next hours getting caught up.  By 10:30 we knew we needed to leave as they needed to work in the morning.  We had a very nice time and we may be back this fall as we pass through on our southeast coast travels.  Thanks to Karen and family for dinner and great company!

We got back to the rig and watched some TV before calling it a night around midnight.  

Tuesday the 2nd, Patty and I headed to the free tennis courts at the entrance to the RV Park.  The town has a tennis center at the entrance to the RV Park and a golf course which is across the street from the Park.  We were thinking of playing golf but there were no tee times available.  So we decided to get a workout on the courts.

The tennis center has 6 clay courts and 2 hard surface courts outside with lights for night playing.  They also have some inside courts. The hard surface courts are free but the clay courts are $8 and hour.  If we wanted lights for the hard surface it was also $8 an hour.

Don't get the idea that we really are tennis players.  We really suck at tennis but we like to just run around and hit the ball. We like the workout!  We played for about an hour and worked up a good sweat.  Yeah us!

Back at the RV I ordered new fan blades for our ceiling fan from EBay.  I couldn’t get the exact same size but I got a set that is very close.  I was able to get a set that was a little bit shorter by half an inch.  I am hoping that the shorter length will keep the blades from getting in the way of the closing slide.   We shall see.  I also temporarily fixed the broken blade.  I glued the 2 halves back together as best as I could. I think I did a pretty good job, just don’t know how long it will last.

My frankenstein glue job!

The slide goes just under the fan blades.  We will need to watch from now on as we close the slides.
We think we are going to, again, just travel a short distance tomorrow.  We are thinking about staying a couple of nights in Virginia before heading off to West Virginia.  Both of these states are new camping states for us.  

We just added North Carolina to our camping map.  We should add Virginia and West Virginia the next week!

Stay tuned!

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