Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Indiana RV Friends and Heading South

October 01 - 03, 2014   

It’s October already!  We haven’t been in the Northeast this late in the year for 2 years.  It is nice to see the trees changing colors.  It still seems early to have them change so fast though.  Now we are headed south to the RGV for the winter but we are stopping a few places along the way.  Our plans are to stop for a few days each in Nashville TN, Natchez Mississippi, Houston Texas, and San Antonio Texas. Our final stop for the winter will be Elsa Texas which we plan to reach by the 20th of October or maybe a little bit later.
Livy getting home from school on the bus.

Tony, Livy, and Patty.

On the 1st we went to see my stepfather Leon Weber and his wife Barbara.  They are living in an assisted living facility here in Crawfordsville IN just a few miles away.  Barbara’s daughter Kathy keeps use pretty well informed on their condition when we are not there.  We had a good visit but are a little surprised at their lower level of functioning.  They are both in their 80s and are dealing with some advanced age issues that will be happening to all of us soon enough.  I am thankful they have Barbara’s daughter Kathy and son Mike there to help them as much as they do.

After the visiting my stepfather we went over to Tony’s house and started a couple of slabs of ribs cooking and then headed out back to our campsite.  We met friends from the area, Phil and Rudee, who we have been corresponding with since before we went full time.  They went full time back in 2009.  Now they are planning to take a break and stay put for a while in South Dakota and work at the Crazy Horse monument full time.  Anyway, before they start their new jig in SD they came back to Indiana to visit.  We happened to be in the area so we finally got together to visit.  We had a very nice visit at our campsite before we needed to get back to the ribs and for Phil and Rudee to head to a motorcycle club meeting in town.  We said our goodbyes and had some hugs with our promise to visit them in SD in 2015.  RV people are so much fun and friendly!

Cool mural in the Crawfordville Post Office.  This is how I remember the area as a kid.

For dinner we went over to Tony’s house and finished the 2 slabs of BBQ ribs.  Pork ribs are very cheap here as compared to NJ.  In NJ we were spending about $8 a pound and here the price is just $3 a pound.  I bought the ribs already seasoned this time as they were cheaper that way by $2/pound.  I have no idea why they were cheaper that way, but they were so I just had to get them.  They came out good, but not as good as the one that I season myself.  Next time I will spend the extra money to do it myself.

Good picture of Livy drawing her dress designs.  She learned to draw dresses on her own.
 She is definitely a girly girl, she told me so her self!

On the 2nd Patty wasn’t feeling well so I took on the dinner for the evening.  First I did my usual 5 mile walk/jog and then went to the store to get a chuck roast for a crock pot stew.  YUM!  Pot roast stew is definitely a comfort food for me!  I put fresh green beans, onions, and carrots into the stew.  It was great!

After dinner I stayed and played Racko with Savannah and Tracy for a while.   Livy took over Tracy’s place for the last couple of hands.  Who cares who won (Savannah), we all had fun.  Then it was time for bed and I tucked them all in including Bailey.  I turned them into mummies.  However, I had to leave Livy’s feet out so I tucked her legs in real tight so she couldn't move.   They all gave me a "I love you" when I left, it was great!  We will be back in just a couple of months.

We headed out for Nashville TN the morning of the 3rd, Friday.  It rained all night and then most of the morning while we were packing up.  Tony and Tracy came over for a little while before we started to pack up.  They were out early after getting the kids off to school.  We waited as long as we could to start packing up.   We tried to wait until there was a hole in the rain.  We had several holes but we kept getting wet.  Due to everything being wet, it took us until almost noon before got in the truck and left. 

We had a river running over our ground mat on the morning we are packing up to leave.

Our trip today was to Elizabethtown KY about 215 miles. The trip should have been 3.5 hours but turned into 4.5 due to construction on I-65 in Kentucky.  We are at the Glendale Campground about 50 miles south of Louisville KY.  We are here just one night on our way to Nashville for 4 nights.

Going in to Kentucky in the rain.  We are crossing the Ohio River into Louisville KY here.

Our site at the Glendale Campground in Elizabethtown KY.

People here are getting ready for Halloween.

Tomorrow we are off to Nashville TN about 125 miles further south.  The temperature is still cold for us with highs only in the low 60s.  The overnight last night in KY was 40! 

Tomorrow night we have reservations at the Grand Ole Opry. It's not our kind of music but while there we just need to see and do it.

Stay Tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Patty and Mark,
I have sent to you two emails with no response....we too are 3500 Sanibels owners from PA and bought it at Tom Shaffers. We are gate guards in Tx. Hopefully you got our emails and we can meet while you are here in TX.
The Higgins from PA