Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Elvis' Birthplace and Golf in Tupelo Mississippi

October 09, 2014   

Okay, this is a short post because we did a lot in just one place today.  As I said in the last post, we get free golf at the local country club so we availed ourselves of that today.  It did cost us $24 for the cart though which still isn’t bad for a round of golf.  I played pretty good for a change, probably due to the fact that I have played more this year than last. But still, I have just played, I think, only 5 times this year. Patty is still working on getting her game together after the issues with her hips.  She is doing much better but was only able to get 9 holes in today.  Some of that was due to feeling like we were being pushed by faster players from behind.

Big black rat on the golf course.

It wasn't afraid of us.  It walked real close before we took off!

Just want to say that the weather is also now summer again here in the south. Today we had a high of 86 with the morning low of just 66, nice!  The weather really seemed to change as we went south of Nashville TN.  The humidity has increased too. Most of today the humidity was around 85 percent and little to no breeze.   It seemed just like a real August in New Jersey but we are now in October!

Before we played golf we went into the town of Tupelo to see where Elvis was born.  Believe me, I really do not care to see where Elvis was born but we are here so, what the heck!  I really do not want to pay for the privilege to see where he was born either!  

Well, you do not need to pay to see his birth place thankfully!  He was born in a small house on a dairy farm that was probably just outside of town back then.  Now the house is part of the town proper.   Other than that, it was just as I suspected, not a big deal.  But now we can say we have seen where Elvis was born.  On a sort of funny note, they have a replica of an outside toilet near the house to show where Elvis would have taken a crap when he was here. That was just a lot of too much stupid information!

Elvis birth house.  I was told that this is the original house on it's original spot.

We filled up the fuel tank and picked up some more wine and Irish Cream for our future travels to finish the day.  Back to the RV to make dinner of shrimp scampi and call it a night!

Tomorrow we are off to Jackson MS.

Stay Tuned!

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Lynn Salter said...

Scampi and wine....yum!!!