Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Patty’s Birthday, Dr. Appointments,Grandkids Time, and Travel changes

June 17 - 25, 2014

Like the title of this post says, we mostly hung out with the grandkids for the past week.  The exception is that we spent about 2 days in Lafayette seeing Patty’s doctors and having various tests done.  Patty has been having increasing difficulty walking.  Back in December she has some neurological tests done and back x-rays that were all negative.  

This time around she went to a orthopedic Dr. and found she has bilateral bursitis.   I had heard of bursitis before but didn’t know what it was, now I know.  It is an inflammation of the lubricating sack under the tendon(s) that travel over the side of the hip.  These sets of muscles and tendons control the motion of your hips from side to side.  They actually keep your hips straight while you walk. The good news is that we know what the problem is and how to fix it.  The bad news is that Patty needs to stick to a daily regimen of strength and stretching routines to take the pressure off the inflamed area.  Patty is not a regimen sort of girl!   The Dr. gave her a shot of cortisone in her left hip to see how she would tolerate it before giving her a second in the right hip.  She did not get the second shot, the first shot in her left hip made the problem worse.

Thursday the 19th we got a call from the RV manufacturer that the frame welding tech couldn’t make the Tuesday appointment next week and needed to reschedule for the following Thursday the 26th.  This means that we would not head for Elkhart on Monday the 23rd but would now head north on the 25th Wednesday.  That’s not really a problem for us as we are paid up here at the Crawfordsville KOA until the 28th, next Saturday.  We just need to get to Palmerton PA by the 2nd of July which is 610 miles east of Elkhart.  So if they finish the frame work as promised by Saturday the 28th, we will have just enough time to do our leisurely 200 miles, stay 2 nights, and arrive by 2 pm each travel day. Anyway, we get to stay another couple of days here with my family.

On Friday the 20th we celebrated Patty’s birthday at the RV. We got Savannah in the morning and I took her out for Breakfast (Patty needed to sleep longer due, we believe, to the consequences of the cortisone shot).  Then she came over to the RV to help Patty with braiding and beading shirts. I cooked some big beef back ribs, sometimes called Flintstone ribs.  

Great picture of Savannah out with me for breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

Roses I gave Patty for her Birthday.

I know it isn't much, but I got Patty a massaging pillow for her birthday.

Bailey and Savannah having a squirt gun fight at the campground.

Picture of Bailey at the campfire.

Mom and the girls together on the sofa in the RV.

Saturday the 21st we all went out to eat at the Yacashia Japanese restaurant on the south side of Crawfordsville. We were all impressed with the food.  It is nice that there is some other place to eat out in this town that has very limited facilities.  After dinner we went back to the RV and Savannah stayed overnight again.

Curtains that led to the restrooms at the Japanese restaurant.

Savanna looking glam at the pool.

Bailey being Bailey at the pool.

The remaining days we basically had the grandkids over to swim in the KOA pool.  The weather got very hot with temperatures into the low 90s each day so the pool was a welcome relief.
Grandma showing Savannah how to use the sewing machine.

Bailey using a needle and thread to mend her pillow.

All three grandkids striking a pose for the camera.

Wednesday the 25th we got everything packed up and set off for the 140 mile trip to Elkhart by 8:30 am.  We arrived at RV Specialties by 11:30 am just ahead of our noon time frame for arrival.  We dropped the rig and headed to a diner for lunch and then to check in at our hotel for the next 3 nights.  

We had to move all of our stuff from under the bed and out of the dresser in the bedroom before taking the RV to get the frame repaired.

The repair requires that the bedroom slide and the dresser are removed from the RV.  Also the bedroom floor and the front fiberglass nose is removed.

Then we got the bad news heading to the hotel after lunch. Ron from RV specialties called and said that the frame builder’s (Lippert Industries) welding technician cannot make the appointment until next week.  We told Ron that we will not be here next week and we will need to work something out for a later date.  The only good news is that Prime Time is picking up our hotel bill for the night.

Leaving the RV at the repair shop.  We thought when this picture was taken it would be 3 days before we got her back.  We got her back the very next day.

Now we need to decide on our next travel plans before we arrive in Palmerton PA next week.  We are thinking we will stop and see friends in PA over the weekend as we had planned a few weeks ago.  Also, tomorrow we will work with RV Specialties and Prime Time to get a new commitment date to have the work done.  Our preferred time will be in the middle of September after we leave NJ.  This will mean that we will cut our trip down the east coast this year and do that in a future time. It will also mean that we will pull the RV another couple of thousand miles before the frame work is to  be done. 

We hope to know by the next post what are future plans are.

Stay Tuned!

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Tracy :) said...

Grandma Patty's not a regimen type of girl?!?! Never!!! LOL It's okay - obviously, I'm not, either.

By the way, the Japanese restaurant is called Yakamoto, not....whatever you said. Just wanted to clear that up in case someone was coming through and wanted good Japanese food. Of course, it's the ONLY Japanese food in Crawfordsville....:)