Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Indiana Canoeing, brother and sister visit

June 12 - 16, 2014 

Thursday the 12th we headed out for a canoe trip with the grandkids and family through Turkey Run State Park. Turkey Run is about 30 miles south of where we are camped in Crawfordsville IN.  We chose the Clements Canoe rental on the south side of the park just off of state roote 41 because it was the cheapest and had a trip that went through the state park.

All into the truck to head to Sugar Creek for Canoeing.

Entrance to the canoe rental place.

It had been at least 25 years since I had been in a canoe and over 30 since I had canoed on Sugar Creek.  It felt a little weird at first until I got my boat legs then all was fine. 

Livy and Savannah waiting for the canoes to be loaded.

The trip through Turkey Run was all of 2 hours with a couple of short stops.  The creek was up a couple of feet so we didn't drag the bottom but was not so high to give us big thrills in the way of rapids, probably a good thing this time.  We started the trip down Sugar Creek at 9:45 am and ended just after noon.

Getting the canoes ready.

First of 2 covered bridges.

Break time!

Savannah and Patty change places.

Ready to go under the Turkey Run Wooden Suspension Bridge.

A very large dragon fly at one of our stops on Sugar Creek.

Second of 2 covered bridges.

All out, end of the run.  This was a very hard place to get out of the creek, very steep.

That evening we all met up at the Strawberry festival in downtown Crawfordsville.  I had to have another tenderloin sandwich which I seem to only be able to get here in Indiana.  Too bad this time the sandwich was not very good. I think they bought the breaded tenderloin from a grocery store! The Strawberry festival goes on for the next 3 days.

A look around the Strawberry Festival in downtown Crawfordsville.

This high handlebar bike was at the Strawberry Festival.  Later we saw the guy leave on this.  I have never understood why you would want the handlebars so high.  My arms would get tired real fast!

Friday the 13th we played golf with Savannah in the morning.  We picked her up at 8 am and teed off at about 9:15 am for a round of 9 holes.  It was great day for golf, low humidity, bright sun with a nice 70 degree temperature. We didn't keep score and just had a good time playing. Savannah has a great swing and can hit the ball very well. She, like most of us, needs to play more often to improve. 

Saturday the 14th we traveled about 80 miles south east to the town of Nashville IN in Brown County.  Brown County is known for its vibrant fall colors and small towns with hilly twisting roads.  We met my sister Diana and my brother Roger there around noon.  Our plan was to walk around and enjoy the town sites and shops and to have lunch which we did.  It was another great day to be outside and this was a great place to be with nice weather.  We managed a wine tasting and some more wine for lunch making it an even better day!  The only problem was that I seemed to get a sore on the left side of my tongue during lunch.  I didn't feel like I bit it but it swelled up and made it difficult to talk, swallow or eat.

My brother Roger (right) and sister Diana.

We left Nashville and headed to my brother and sisters house in Acton IN about 30 miles northeast.  We had a dinner of very good grilled hamburgers.  Roger made them over charcoal and wood chips, yum!  We managed to talk in to the early morning hours of Sunday!  We always have a good time when we are together.

Sunday the 15th, Father’s Day, after a nice breakfast that my sister Diana cooked we headed to see our step-father back in Crawfordsville.  We all went to see him on Father’s Day, how great is that!  We stayed for a couple of hours then left for our respective homes.

Monday the 16th we spent the day in Lafayette IN with Patty’s 4 doctor’s appointments.  The day started with an 8:20 am DR. visit and ended with a 4:30 pm visit.  We were back at the rig by 6:30 pm, long day!  

We also learned that Prime Time Manufacturing (maker of our RV) will be doing the frame repair starting on the 23rd next Monday.  Yahoo!  That was the most optimum date for us getting the work done.  Elkhart is at the northern most end of Indiana near I-80/90 that goes across the state to Ohio and then into Pennsylvania.  Our destination after the work is done will be just off of I 80 in western PA to visit friends from Texas, Pete and Becky.  From there we will travel across the state to the eastern side near Palmerton where we will spend a week around the 4th of July.  Seems it all just fell into place, YEA US!

Tomorrow we are not planning to do anything special.  The weather is supposed to get very hot and humid for the next few days.

Stay Tuned! 

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