Now in Keyport, NJ

Now in Keyport, NJ

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Crawfordsville Indiana Fun

June 03 - 11th, 2014 

June 3rd Tuesday Granddaughter Savanna and Daughter-in-law Tracy came over to our RV to hang out while Tony worked.  We played some ladder golf and went to the pool. Patty made beef stew in the crock pot that we had for dinner. After dinner we made a camp fire and had s’mores. Savannah fell asleep on a camp chair around 10:30 pm. It was good day!

Patty and Tracy playing ladder golf.

Savannah playing ladder golf.
 After everyone left for the night we took down all of the camp lights and the awning in anticipation of the storms that were coming from the west.  These were slow moving storms that the news talked about most of the day.  The winds were in the range of 25 mph so we decided to put down the awning. However, we have had it up in up to 30 mph wind with the hold downs connected and we had them on now.  The news scared us so we just wanted to be careful.  It turned out that the storm was just a lot of rain with what we would call mild wind.  We could have left the awing up, Oh well!

June 4 Wednesday we headed out to my step-dads (Leon Weber) and his wife Barbara’s new residence on the south side of Crawfordsville.  When we last visited in December they were still living in their house on the west side of town but were considering a move to the assisted living facility, Whitlock House.  In April they decided to make the move and are now in an apartment in the Whitlock House.

Leon will be 83 this year and is having some difficulty walking.  He uses a cane but is finding that he needs one of those wheeled walkers more now.  They have sold their truck and car and now no longer drive.  We also saw some issues with memory as well.  However, they are still living independently in an apartment in this facility.  Our take on this facility is that it is a high-end facility for the elderly providing all the necessary additives. Good for them!  I hope I can do this when I need to.

After our visit with Leon and Barbara we went out and got a couple of pizzas and took them over to my son’s house for dinner.  We get this very original pizza here that is different from any place we have found anywhere else.  The pizza has thin crisp crust with very little sauce and all of the other ingredients are ground up.  It is very unique!  We like all kinds of pizza and this is a special treat for us.

June 5th Thursday we made a special spinach stuffed chicken breast for the family for dinner.   This is a recipe that was on Facebook a few months ago and I made it while we were in Texas.  It was so good we have made this a few time now.  This is the first time I have made this for kids, and kids who do not like spice.  This time, anyway, it was a hit and all of the plates were clean at the end of the meal!  We played some LCR and a game of Life before calling it a night.

June 6th Friday we all went out for a Mexican dinner at a local restaurant.  In keeping with the Mexican stereotype it was very cheap.  The food was not up to the standards of the Rio Grande Valley in Texas but it was OK.  Everything was in need of spice.  All in all we had a good time and we were full so what more was there to ask for.

The gang at our Mexican dinner.
June 7th Saturday we just hung out at the RV all day.  Every once in a while we need a day of doing just nothing.

We had a couple come in next to us at the campground with these beautiful Great Pyrenees dogs.

Dinner one night using our new grille pad.
June 8th Sunday our granddaughter Livy stayed all night with us for the first time by herself.  Last year she was a little too shy yet with us to stay all night by herself.   This year she really has taken to us so it wasn’t an issue.  This is one of the pros for the full-time RV and retirement was to become a part of the grandkids lives and it seems we have accomplished this!  

We spent time at the pool and later made some more s’mores.  Then at night we all watched the Miss USA contest.  We are not fans but Livy liked to watch and I liked it too!

Livy and I removed at least 6 black spiders from the pool!

Livy with her special friend named Whaley.  She made a hammock for him on the dining room table.

Livy with a s'more in her mouth.

June 9th Monday we took Leon and Barbara out for dinner at the Cracker Barrel.  The Cracker Barrel here is just about the best and only real restaurant in Crawfordsville.  They haven’t been out for several weeks so this was a welcome treat.  We have a big truck that is hard for them to climb up into, so we used a 3 step stool which worked pretty well. 
After dinner we spent some time at their place talking for a couple of hours.

June 10th Tuesday, I experimented with cooking beef ribs as I have been doing the pork ribs.  It didn’t turn out as well as the pork ribs.  The beef ribs I used were boneless and that may have had something to do with it.  Anyway, they were somewhat dry.  I think it was the lack of fat that bone in ribs have.  I may try this again with the bone in at some point, we shall see.

We got Patty a new sewing machine to replace the old one she had from her mother.  The main reason for the change is the drastic reduction in weight between the old and new one.  The new machine weighs just 18lbs while the old one is around 50 lbs.!  I don’t know much about sewing machines but Patty says that the new one is easier due to being computerized.  She just needs to touch a screen to change the stitch.  

June 11th Wednesday, we had our main doctors’ appointments in Lafayette about 25 miles north from the campground. These are our normal every 6 month appointment with our PCP.   All was mostly good, but I still have an overall cholesterol at 230.  My good is good but the bad is still too high.  So now I am going to increase my dosage of the statin drug and see what happens.  

Tomorrow we are going to take a short canoe trip on Sugar Creek with the grandkids.  We are also still waiting to hear about when the RV frame work can be done in Elkhart.  

Stay tuned!

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