Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Received the Leveling Controler and we are on our way north

May 4 – 7

We were going to leave the Ingram TX area last Friday the 2nd of May but we didn’t want to keep moving until the leveling system was fixed.  If the leveling system were to fail completely it would be very difficult to get the RV on and off of the truck.  It would also be almost impossible to level the rig. That’s why we waited here until we received the part from the manufacturer.

We received the part yesterday the 6th at around 4:30 pm from UPS.  I installed the part in just a couple of minutes and all seems fine.  The display came on and reported the correct status that the levelers were down.  I gave it a command to retract the front jacks and the hydraulic pump kicked on and then I stopped it.  We are now all ready to continue heading north tomorrow the 7th.

This was a good stop for us to visit our friend Janelle. Waiting for the RV part gave us much more time to visit with her.  We had dinner together every night and a lot of lunches too.  We just had a very relaxing time here doing mostly just socializing and that is very OK for us.
Brina, our new friend at the Johnson Creek RV Park, found this a few years ago in this area of Texas.

It is a bone with an arrowhead in it.  He has it dated to 65 million years ago!

While I was doing my 3 mile power walk these turkeys wanted to walk/jog with me.

I noticed that when I stopped the Tom spread his hind feathers. Very colorful birds!

This insect was on our picnic table on our last night in Ingram.  We have no idea what is.

Besides just hanging out we managed to get to WalMart on Monday the 5th to do our last stocking up on food items. Then on the 6th Tuesday we got our laundry caught up. Now, after installing the new part, we are ready to leave.

Wednesday the 7th leaving day the weather was starting to look like rain.  However, no rain for us, it actually got clearer as we moved north.  We are making sure to watch the weather reports as this is tornado season and we are going straight through tornado alley.  The last thing we want is to be in severe weather sitting in a very light trailer!

I am again playing around with loading the rear of the truck.  Originally when we started out we had nothing in the bed of the truck.  

This is how we decided to handle Patty's inventory of shirts while we move.  We have them bungeed to the side cabinets and then the base rides on the carpet when the slide is put in.

This is where Patty's table goes during a move.

We also caught our second mouse this morning.  When we were at Natures Resort we kept seeing and hearing evidence of mice.  So we put out traps and the mice were eating the bait without tripping the trap.  This went on for a couple of days.  Then we got smarter than the mice, we put the bait on the trap in such a way that they would need to work to get the bait.  It worked!  We are up to 2 mice caught now. Hopefully this is the last one.

Today is the first of our 3 “bump and run” days where we only stay the night.  We are holding to our rule to only travel less than 300 miles a day though.  So today we are in Waco Texas at the Midway Park which is a COE (Core of Engineers) campground on Lake Waco.  

This our first COE campgrounds stay.  A lot of people use the COEs as they usually are on water.  COE campgrounds were built on the land that the COE used to build the many waterway projects around the country.  The COE has over 2,500 campgrounds on over 450 lakes and waterways according to their website.

This COE campground has full hook-ups which I believe is unusual.  Usually there is just water or electric but no sewer connection.  We don’t need a sewer connection for just one night, but we will take it if it is there.  Also, the cost is the cheapest and most convenient in the area.  We are paying $24 for the night and we are right off the interstate going north to Dallas.  Other campgrounds in the area were charging $30+ and were way off the beaten path and had not so good reviews.  

Our site here has full hook-ups, as said before, and has a roof to cover the picnic table.  Also, the picnic table looks new and is on a concrete pad.  Our RV site is on asphalt.  The site also has a fire ring and a BBQ grille.  That’s a lot for most campgrounds.  There is nothing really to not like about this site.
Our site at the Midway COE campground on Lake Waco in Waco Texas.

Behind our site on Lake Waco in Waco TX.

We took a walk around the campground and Patty walked out on one of the docks.

We  are going to relax tonight as we will again hit the road tomorrow morning and head to Mt. Pleasant Texas which is about 100 miles northeast of Dallas.  We haven't picked a place there yet but will tomorrow morning before we leave. 

We are not really sightseeing at this point but just making up some time.  We want to spend some time in Waco on our next trip back so we can see their River Walk in downtown. That’s the beauty of this lifestyle; these sites are always going to be there and we can come back!

Next post will probably be from Little Rock Arkansas on Saturday the 10th.  That will be last of the bump and runs. From there we head the last 120 miles to Memphis TN and will spend 3 days there.

 Stay Tuned!


Debbie McCormack said...

Hey we just missed you (sort of). We are traveling on I44. Today we are crossing from OK into TX on our way back to CA. We just picked up our new truck and rig (finally!) up in MI after attending the RV-Dreams rally in TN. I hope you escape the bad storms. We got caught very near a tornado in TN and a bad storm later.

Mark and Patty said...

Debbie: We had a big storm night before last. No real big deal for us. This is not a great time of year to be in tornado alley in an RV. Howard and Linda are great! No way not to have a great time at their rally.

Will meet up with you guys soon enough.