Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Memorial Day Weekend at Sunny Haven in Granger IN.

May 23 – 27, 2014

Friday the 23rd we packed up and left the Elkhart RV Campground at 12 noon, check out time.  We were in no real hurry as our next stop was just 20 minutes away in Granger IN.  We planned to stay at the Sunny Haven Nudist RV Park for the entire holiday weekend.  

As we approached the campground we almost didn’t see the sign showing us the entrance to the park.  The sign is very small and the gravel entrance road is just as small.  The road is not made for 2 way RV traffic.  If another RV was leaving as we were coming in it could be very difficult for one or both of us to back up!  The campground as well as the entrance way is very secluded and surrounded by tall trees giving a nice overhead canopy feel.  

When the gate opens this is the sign that greats you.

Road leading to Sunny Haven Campground.

Gate to Sunny Haven at the end of the single lane road.

We were checked in by Vicky and Gary who are the camp managers.  They are very nice people who seem to bend over backwards to help everyone feel at home here.  They had a special rate for this weekend so the cost for the 4 nights was only $128.  This is very cheap for a nudist site and on a holiday weekend to boot.  Granted, our site is only 30 amp electric and water, no sewer.  The 30 amp electric would only be an issue if it was extremely hot with no shade. 

The weather was going to be great here with full sun and temps in the mid-70s to low 80s and 50s overnight, perfect. We are also in full shade so we may not even need AC at all. The lack of a sewer connection is fine with us too as we can go 2 weeks with just using our tanks and we are just here 4 days.  If we made extensive use of the bath houses we could do at least a month on our tanks.  We have never had to do this, but could if we wanted to sometime.

Our first night there the park had a free s’mores cookout at the community fire pit.  We attended and had a couple of roasted marshmallows and at least one full s’mores.  It was very nice evening at the fire pit!

On Saturday the 24th Patty put her shirts out for sale without even a sign and women have been gathering all weekend.  If the sales she made here are any sign as to what may happen at Sunny Rest next month, Patty will need to make many more shirts in the next few weeks!  She ended up having over $300 in shirt sales.

When not dealing with shirt sales we hung out at the heated pool.  Then at 4 pm the camp hosts Gary and Vicky hosted a BBQ for Gary and others birthdays. Then, later, at 8pm we had a dance at the pool with a DJ until midnight.  We stayed at the pool dance until a little after 10 pm as it was getting cold and we were ready for bed.

Sunday the 25th I hung out at the pool while Patty tried to feel better by sleeping.  She just wasn’t feeling very well when she got up and was soon back in bed for the remainder of the day, athough she had shirts that needed to be made to order. We are hoping that she will feel better by morning.

Memorial Day the 26th was another pool day for both of us as Patty was feeling like herself again!  This was to be our last day here but we were not having any luck getting a response from our usual campground in Crawfordsville.  We figured since it was a big holiday weekend, especially in the Crawfordsville area due their close proximity to the Indy 500 track, we would just stay another day in Elkhart and I would wash the RV and the truck.  We could also get the reservation squared away with the campground in Crawfordsville. 

We really like the Sunny Haven Park and the people here. We could come back here pretty easily if it were in our travel plans!

Leaving day at Sunny Haven.  We are parked under a lot of large oak trees that shed.  I cleaned off most of the oak litter from our awning before we rolled it up.

First black squirrels we have ever seen.  There were many here at Sunny Haven.

We had a reservation for next week the 5th of June until the 26th at the Sugar Creek Campground in Crawfordsville, but now we needed to change that.  We were done with the original RV warranty work a week early so we needed to know that the campsite in Crawfordsville had an open space for us.  Also, because we were probably going to bring the RV back up here to Elkhart for the frame repair on the 16th, we needed a new end date on the reservation. 

Sugar Creek Campground, located just at Crawfordsville’s west border, is very convenient for us while we stay here seeing my son Tony and his family. This would be our 3rd year staying at this campground.

I tried calling them from last Thursday and up to this Wednesday and would never get a person, just an answering machine.  I left several messages and did get called back a couple of times but I wasn’t available to take the calls.  I could just never get confirmation that they understood that I was trying to arrive this week.  So we contacted the only other campground in the area, the KOA, and made a reservation for a month starting on the Wednesday the 28th.  

In total, I left 3 messages in 2 days saying we were canceling our reservation.  The last straw was when the owner called me a day later after we were already in the KOA to ask when I was going to show up!  This time just to be sure, I sent the owner an E-Mail saying we were canceling and why.  She sent me back an E-Mail just a few minutes later saying that since we cannot communicate well,we should stay somewhere else!  WOW!  The really odd thing here is that Sugar Creek will not take reservations on-line, only by phone, but they never answer their phone.  They are trying to force a call where they initiate it and then settle the deal.  The problem I have had with them is that there is no written communication to go back on.  They are just way too sloppy with their reservations for me to go just on that. Anyway we are now at our first KOA since we started full time RVing. 

Our site at the KOA in Crawfordsville IN.

We have plans to visit grandkids and my stepfather Leon while here.  Hopefully we can get a canoe trip and tubing trip down Sugar Creek together with the grandkids and maybe a zip line trip too! We also have our 6 month Dr’s appointments here.

Stay Tuned!

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