Howard, PA

Now in Howard, PA

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Portland Oregon

September 26 – 28, 2017: 

This is somewhat of a short post about our also short visit to Portland Oregon. 

Not a great state sign entering Oregon

We left South Prairie Creek Washington on Monday the 26th heading further south.  We were in Portland OR 5 years ago but for just a drive through.  This was a relatively short drive for us with the RV of just 160 miles.  We were originally headed to the fairgrounds to stay there but there was an event scheduled for when we wanted to be there. So we had to call around to find another place on our way there.  We had a pretty hard time finding a place too!  It seems that most of the RV parks close to Portland are mostly full with permanent live in folks. We have not seen that in other areas of the country at least to this level!  We finally did get a place at the Columbia River RV Park.  

We are going to be in Portland for 2 full days or 3 nights in the Park.  The first day we spent getting some food shopping done and planning for a day in Portland.  

Mt. Hood was on the eastern horizon in Portland OR

Next to our RV Park on the river were these boathouses.  These boathouses were as big as some peoples homes.  We have seen them this big and maybe larger but never this many big ones together.

The only thing that sounded good to us was the dinner river cruise on the Willamette River.  

Our cruise trip on the Willamette River

The dinner cruise boarded at 6 pm, right at rush hour! The information on the cruise didn’t tell us that there wasn’t any parking at the cruise port either! So we are near the cruise during rush hour in heavy traffic looking for parking near the cruise, what fun.  We finally managed to find a place not too far but we had to circle the place a couple of times before we could get in the proper lane at the right time to get to the entrance to the parking place.  This parking place was under a bridge that used one of those pay machines for payment which was not working.  So we parked for free and we made the boarding time, whew!  

Our cruise boat

We had a nice time doing this cruise. The only improvement would be to add some upbeat music. We like a cruise that has some dancing after dinner or at least some party music.  This cruise just had a guy playing nice dinner type music the whole cruise, sort of like elevator music.  The food was very good!  I had salmon that was better than the salmon that I had in Alaska!

Views along the river of Portland OR

So that was pretty much for Portland Oregon! 

Next, we are heading to northeastern California and Reno Nevada.

Stay tuned!

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