North Port Florida

Now in North Port, Florida

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Georgia to New Jersey

May 8 - 14, 2017: 

We have our one destination sort of travel out of the way with Stone Mountain now and we are headed directly to New Jersey.  We are 874 miles south west from our destination, Keyport NJ.  That should take us about 9 days at our 200 miles and 2 night stay pace.  We planned to arrive at our friends' house on Tuesday or Wednesday the 16th or 17th of May.

Our trip to NJ will take us on I 85 to Charlotte NC and then pick up I 77 to Roanoke VA where we get on I 81.  We are on I 81 up to I 78 in PA to NJ and then I 287 and then the Garden State Parkway to Keyport NJ.  We made only 3 stops and arrived on the 14th a couple days early.

The following pictures are the highlights of our travel  from Stone Mountain GA to Keyport NJ:

South Carolina first stop 

We took a 3 mile hike in the State Park

We took the living history farm trail.
Along the trail was this picturesque dam 

The dam was built by one of the depression era works projects 

This historic registered site is the building where the
workers stayed while building the dam

There was a lot of this rock along the path.  Patty picked up some but we are still not sure what it is!

Part of the trail leading to the old farm

Patty getting food for the horses.  They had an electric fence around
 the field so the horses couldn't get close enough to feed them by hand.

The old farm has a caretaker that lives on the property in this old house.
 A giveaway though is the central air on the side of the house.

Our 2nd stop at a KOA in Virginia.

Time for laundry

We went into the historic town of Lexington VA for exploring and dinner.

Our last stop before NJ was at the Charcoal Hearth Camping area
 in the Pine Grove State Park in Pennsylvania.

This campground was electric only so we had to take on water before we parked at our site.  It was slow going and took about 40 minutes to fill our 50 gallon tank!

Our site at the PA state park. 

Not only was there only electric we couldn't get satellite TV (too many trees), we couldn't get internet either (too far into the park)!  We were able to get a good amount of local TV which helped.  It would not have been so bad but it rained most of the time so we really didn't get out much here.

On Sunday the 14th of May we arrived in NJ in the cold rain.
Just after we set up this rainbow settled in over our site here.

We will be here until the 31st of May and then head up to Buffalo NY for a few days.

Stay Tuned!

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