Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Visit friends at the Sunward Naturist Park, Calabogie ON Canada

August 01 – 04, 2016: 

After leaving Quebec City we needed to stay over one night on the way.  We are headed 340 miles west to the Calabogie lake area of Ontario Canada.  Calabogie Lake is about 50 miles west of Ottawa.  We picked a KOA on the western side of Montreal to stay one night.  That put us about 150 miles away from our intended destination the next day so this was a good pick for us.  

Our site in the KOA west of Montreal that was just a stop over for one night.

Our wind ornament needed a little paint.

All done with a little gold paint.

We are really getting lazy about leaving a campground anymore.  The checkout was 11am at the KOA and that is when we left, 11am.  We only need to go 150 miles or about 3 hours to get to the Calabogie Lake area and our destination, the Sunward Naturist Club.  This is a nice short trip so we took our time.  We even stopped for ice cream along the way.  

Leaving Quebec and entering Ontario Provence in Canada.

We got close to Sunward around 3pm so we called Dave and Sue who we are visiting at Sunward to let them know we are there.  They had asked us to call them so they could show us how and where to get into and park at the club.  We met Dave at the road that led us to the entrance to the club.  It was good thing he met us as Sunward is pretty remote!   

You don't want to take a large RV this way.

We followed Dave into the park down a very long gravel path. We ended up in a clearing next to a weed field with a few other campers.  We are going to boondock for the 2 nights we are here so we need to take on some water.  It seems we didn’t communicate that to Dave so after getting to our site we had to turn around and go back a little ways to get some water.  All’s well that ends well, we got our water and we returned to our site and got set up.  Did we mention that it was pretty hot and no AC!

Our site at Sunward

Sunward Naturist Club is an interesting place and not a normal stop for us.  We have never been to such a remote place before and it is also clothing optional!  The club doesn’t have electricity and only has limited water available for their seasonal campers.  Sunward is built on the steep hills on one side of a private lake that is owned by the owners of Sunward.   Only non-combustion boat motors are allowed on the lake so the water is perfectly clear.  This really is a paradise for those who want to escape and be closer to nature.

Sunward's private lake

Dave and Sue have a very nice set-up at their site.  They have a fairly elaborate solar power system to provide them with an approximate 800 kw of electricity.  It’s not enough for AC but it is enough power for everything else.  Their site is located above the lake on the side of a hill completely covered in trees.  This tree cover does a very good job of keeping their site cool on these very hot days.  They also have the lake to use to cool off in too.

Enjoying a local brew, Sleeman!

We, on the other hand, have a boondock site in the sun on top of the hill.  It really was fine though as we spent most of our time down at the lake with Dave and Sue.  We ran the generator at night and in the morning to have AC and have our coffee.  The nights were cool enough that we didn’t need the AC so we turned off the generator.  

We had use of their quad while we were there.
It is about a mile from our site to Dave and Sue near the lake.

We had a great time with Sue and Dave at Sunward Naturist Club.  We met a lot of very nice people there too.  Even though we had a great time and it is nice to be away from it all, we miss our electric power.

On our last day we spent the morning on the lake fishing for Pickerel and Dave managed to catch one for us.  We had lunch with a little of the fish to go around and said our goodbyes until Texas in a few months.

Dave and Sue fishing on the lake.

Dave caught a nice Pickerel for lunch!

So we packed it in and headed back east toward Ottawa.
Thanks to Dave and Sue for a great time with them and their friends!

Stay tuned!

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