Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are on the move again! Lafayette Louisiana

November 03 - 6, 2014
We finally got the truck back on Tuesday the 4th and we left the same day.  Rogel Ford in Crystal Springs MS had our truck for 22 days to change the oil cooler with a cost of $2,800!  Yeah and our extended warranty doesn’t cover the oil cooler.  Anyway, the truck runs fine and I have not seen any leaks after pulling the RV for the first 230 miles to Lafayette LA.  So far so good!

After not hearing anything from Rogel on Monday the 3rd Patty sent off another e-mail to the owners telling them we had no confidence in them.  They had promised the truck would be done on Monday and we didn’t even get a call from them.  We were set to just drive into Rogel on Tuesday if we hadn’t heard anything by 10 am to just see the truck and raise some hell!  We didn’t need to do that as Rogel called at 7:20 am to say the truck would be ready by 10 am.  We then began to get the RV ready for moving and I took the rental car back.  Due to the damage I did to the rental car, I had to pay Enterprise our $500 insurance deductible.  Again, this was a very expensive month for us!

After picking up the truck and hitching up to the RV we were on our way by 11:30 am headed toward Lafayette LA.  The truck drove great with no issues.  Actually, the engine temp was just a tad cooler than usual. We were mostly interested in the truck performance and that was fine because there wasn’t anything to look at outside.  The landscape through south MS and then into south east LA was not very interesting.  

We made it to the campground Frog City about 15 miles west of Lafayette LA around 4 pm.  We will be here for the next 2 nights as we return to our regular 200 miles travel and a minimum 2 nights stays.  I got out the grille and we made dinner of Italian hot sausage with fresh grilled peppers and onions.  It smelled just like being at the fair outside!

Our site at the Frog City Campground.

Wednesday the 5th we did our usual walks, me 5 miles and Patty 2 miles, around the park and surfed the internet.  For the evening we went out to a local Cajun restaurant that was recommended by the campground.  We went into Lafayette to the Prejean’s restaurant which was about 15 miles away. 

Live Cajun music.

We both liked the food.  There was just too much food so we took half of it home for another meal.  Patty had the Shrimp Extravaganza which really was a lot of shrimp.  Her dinner had a shrimp garden salad to start and then a cup of shrimp gumbo.  Her main course consisted of shrimp done 4 ways; fried, blackened, Cajun, and stuffing which were shrimp stuffed into stuffing balls.

Patty's main course.
 I had the southern fried catfish and man was that spicy, just the way I like it!  Prejean’s is somewhat touristy but that was OK for us as we really didn’t know what to expect.  We would return to this restaurant!

Tomorrow we head out to just an overnight stay west of Houston TX.  We want to make Ingram Texas and the Guadeloupe campground on Friday and see our friend Janelle.

Stay tuned! 

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