Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Quick Stop Over in Elmira NY

July 09 - 11, 2014 

Wednesday the 9th we said goodbye to the Sunny Rest Resort in the Poconos.  This may be the last time we visit Sunny Rest.  We just don’t think the cost to benefit ratio is there for us, especially for a short time stay.  It may well be worth it if you are staying for an entire season or become a permanent there.  After all the costs were added up, our stay of one week added up to just over $1,000.  In our opinion, Sunny Rest is suited for 2 types of people, vacation mode and long termers.  Now that we are retired and have the time, we don’t need to be in the vacation mode and are not ready to be long termers in the North, if ever.  

By the way, vacation mode is where you pack as much activity and spend as much money as you can in a short time before going back to work.  We now have the time to spread out the activities and enjoy each one on its own.  We so remember the vacations we took working and come back to find we need a real relaxing vacation from work and vacation!

Our site on our last day at Sunny Rest in the Poconos.

After a 4 mile walk/jog we broke camp and headed north to Elmira NY and the Newtown Battlefield State Park.  We got under way for the 3 hour 165 mile trip by 11 am.  The trip was uneventful with just a couple of differences for us.  First, I left without getting fuel.  I had just over half a tank and we were going to be on the Northeast Extension of the PA Turnpike so there would be lots of easy diesel fuel stops. So for the first time this year we stopped and got fuel with the RV attached.  No big deal, just somewhat different for us. The second different thing was a bit more worrying.  The truck seemed be running hotter than usual.  The temperature gauge was not fluctuating but the very loud viscous fan was operating much more than normal.  Usually the only time that fan operates is when we are out west on long uphill grades of several miles or more.  It was now operating on all grades of any length.  I thought it was abnormal but wasn’t real worried, just needed to keep an eye on it.
New signs we are seeing for texting stops.  This is on the PA Turnpike Extension.

After arriving in Elmira I noticed that there was a smell of burnt antifreeze when I got out of the truck.  There was also white residue all over the driver side of the truck. Uh oh! I opened up the hood and found that I had left the cooling fluid reservoir cap off!  The cap was still there right where I left it which was a good thing. I had added about a quart of antifreeze before leaving Sunny Rest. 

On our way to Sunny Rest last week when going up and down the large hills of the Poconos, I noticed that the engine temperature was fluctuating a littleThis usually means that I am a little low on coolant. This happened once before just after we purchased the truck 2 years ago in New Jersey. I added maybe a quart back then and have not had to add any since until now.   

I didn't have any more of the Ford recommended antifreeze so we got some the next day at a local Ford dealer.  I only use what Ford recommends as I do not want to have a warranty issue if something goes wrong.  This Ford engine's cooling system has been known to have problems in the past so I am very careful with it, except for not putting the reservoir cap back on!  The Ford antifreeze is actually really cheap.  I paid $18 for a concentrated mix that makes 2 gallons, not bad.  I added just under a gallon to fill the reservoir.

Enough now of the truck stuff and my forgetfulness, on to better stuff.  

We are only here in Elmira for just 2 nights.  We wanted to stay longer but didn’t get our reservation in on time at the state park.  This state park is very convenient to Elmira at just a couple miles to town and friends we have here.  The only problem is that the park only has 2 spaces big enough for us so we need to reserve in advance.  The sites that are big enough are actually in the parking lot for the battlefield monument.  The sites are electric only so we stop near the restrooms and use about 100 feet of hose to fill up our 60 gallon fresh water tank.  Then, before we leave we will use the parks dump station.  This is no big deal to be only electric as long as it not over a week where we would need to move the RV to dump the black tank.

Our site at the Newtown Battlefield in Elmira NY.  This is our second year staying here.

We had a great time visiting with 2 couples who have been friends of Patty’s from before we met in the mid-90s.  After we arrived on Wednesday we met up with Sandy and Mike and went to an old favorite restaurant here called the Elbow Room.  They are known for their chicken wings and burgers.  I have been eating here since 1987 and recommend it to anyone who travels through Elmira; actually it’s Elmira Heights.  We had a great time catching up and eating wings.  Both Sandy and Mike work so we called it a night around 8 pm.

On Thursday the 10th we headed into town and did some shopping for small stuff and to get the Ford antifreeze for the truck.  One of the other things we got was a new brass water hose splitter.  I keep leaving them in campgrounds! Also, the last one I bought wasn’t brass and it split open while we were away.  A neighbor came over and turned off the water for us.  I learned a lesson then that we need a good splitter, not one of the plastic ones.

After shopping we went over to Sandy and Jim’s house.  We spent a couple of hours on their patio chatting with Sandy until Jim came home from work.  We were all pretty hungry by then so we decided to go to another great place in Elmira called the Hill Top.  The Hill Top is known for the great view of the Chemung Valley and of Elmira.  We got a nice outside table with the view.  We had a great time and wished it was longer but again they work in the morning so we said our goodbyes around 8:30 pm.

View of the Chemung Valley and Elmira NY from the Hill Top Resturant.

Jim and Sandy with us in the back at the Hill Top.

Another picture from the Hill Top.

We are really hoping to stop again in Elmira for a few days after we leave the Buffalo area next month.

Friday the 11th we packed up after my walk/jog and hit the dump station around 11 am.  We were on the road and heading for Grand Island NY by 11:30.  The trip is again like the trip to Elmira at just 165 miles and 3 hours travel time. The truck is again running great, no fan or temperature issues.  However, we are having trouble with the cruise control.  We have been having trouble with it since we left Texas.  Sometimes it won’t turn on.  We stop the truck and turn off the ignition and it turns on, most of the time.  It would do this one every couple of weeks, not enough to take it in to have it looked at.  Well now it turned off while we were using it and won’t turn on again.  I think now we can have it looked at here in Buffalo before we leave.  It should be under warranty, hopefully.

KOA on Grand Island NY near Niagara Falls.

Our very tight site at the KOA.

Our neihgbor's service pole is about a foot from our dining room slide.

About 40 foot of sewer hose to reach the inlet.  
This is the longest hose I have used in a campground.

We are staying at the KOA here on Grand Island this time. Their monthly rate is just $40 higher than the monthly rate at the other place where we stayed for the past 2 years here. However, the KOA has a pool and guests are welcome too! They also have wifi and cable TV where the other place didn’t.  Ok, now for the bad news, the SMALL sites for monthlies!  We are also just a few yards from I-190.  We are here now so we shall see how it goes.

This is pretty cool, a Swiss motorhome at the KOA.

We arrived in time to attend a 60th birthday and retirement party for Patty’s sister Sandy.  She worked for the post office for just under 30 years and is ready to call it quits.  The party was at a place called the Angry Buffalo Rose Garden that had an outside stage with seating.  At 6:30 a very good band named The Informers started playing and kept the place rocking.  

The Informers at the Angry Buffalo.

We had a fish fry dinner and a few drinks and left after a few hours and just before dark. We had a good time. Congratulations to Sandy, you made it!

Stay tuned!

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