Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

2013 in Pictures

The following is a picture review of our travels for the past year in 2013.

Patty ended up as park manager!

Wintered here in South Florida for 3 months.

Danny, Bruce, and Patty

Patty playing the ugly stick

Joe and Kathy

Ricky, Patty, and Ryan
Night of LRC

Nicole, Not sure who, and Nicole
Peggy and Walt

Robert won at LRC

Ian and Debbie (Came for a visit/Cruise from NJ)

Andre and Janelle entertaining us

Haulover Beach, North Miami

Air boat ride in the Everglades

Patty on the air boat

Bike ride in the Everglades

Second stage wintering in mid-Florida -  in Tampa for 10 weeks

Our site in Tampa

Bike repair
Renaissance Fair
Great "Dead Head" spot

Dinner out.  

Rob and Cindy came to visit from NJ to Tampa

Caliente Resort

Ready to ride to Holiday Island

Holiday Island on the left.
We biked the causeway.

Our campsite in Disney.

Grandkids at Disne:. Livy, Bailey, and Savannah 

Disney Safari Trip

Livy and her dad Tony playing the drums

Last night in Disney

Our site in Crawfordsville Indiana

The girls playing in Sugar Creek

Our site in the Poconos with friends from NJ

Mike and Dan, NJ Friends
Sunny Rest Resort in the Poconos

Pig roast in NJ
Carving the pig

Our mooch docking site in NJ at our friends Rob and Cindy's

Patty and our friend Diana
Beach concert at Sandy Hook NJ

Afternoon at Gunnison Beach on Sandy Hook NJ

Golf outing with the OBC (Old Bastards Club);  friends from work. 

Melissa Etheridge Concert in Red Bank NJ
First of 3 flat tires in the next 30 days.  This is on I 380 in PA

Loved this Photo at Newtown Battlefield in Elmira NY
Elmira NY

Best Buffalo wings in the country, in our opinion.  Elmira NY

Our free site while warranty work is being done in North Tonawanda NY.

Patty's Parents, Tom and Shirley
Refinishing our dining table

Patty's Sister Cheryl  and her husband Joe

Best fish ever, Walleye at the Erie County Fair in NY
3 dog night concert at the Erie County Fair

We landscaped Patty's parents front side yard in Amherst NY

Niagara river between NY USA and Ontario Canada

St. Claire River at the Canada/USA crossing at Sarnia Canada
Our site near Clarkston, MI

Dinner spot with Patty's Uncle Kenny and his wife Phyllis
Woodward Ave car show

Uncle Kenny the chef

Mackinac Bridge
Patty was at the wheel pulling the rig over the bridge to the UP

Our park in St Ignace MI

My fix and modification to the TV
Me fixing the TV

Boat to Mackinac Island
Our bikes on the dock at Mackinac Island

We rode around the entire Island

On Mackinac Island after a bottle of wine.  The look on my face is
because we just got charged $45 for the wine

There was a Powwow while we were there.  We had to attend!

3rd flat and this was a blowout.  This kept us in MI
for 2 weeks and missing Yellowstone.
Our site in Iron River MI for 2 weeks
waiting on RV parts.

Best place to eat in Iron River.
Just "cool coffee shop" in Iron River MI
Tires arrive already to install

Patty got painted at a local fair in Iron River MI

Me putting on one tire at a time with a the 5 ton truck bottle jack
Finished wheel and tire.

The RV repair guy is here with the parts!
Yea Hoo! Finished so we can move on!

After 2 flat tires and a blowout, we got the rig and truck weighed.

Visit to the Mall of America

Our Park in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado

The Colorado river behind our site at River Dance
Our Trailer in the center of  the River Dance Park

The largest rail Yard in the USA, Bailey Yard in North Platte NE
A new modification.  Our spare tire started to leave
 the trailer so we added the red tie strap for insurance.

Our site in Moab UT

Arches National Park.  Interesting rock behind Patty!
Arches National Park

Arches National Park after long hike.
Canyonsland national park

Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon
Rest stop in Utah. Our rig is in the center.

South rim of the Canyon

It's a girl, my lord, in Winslow Arizona

The big meteor crater in NM

Albuquerque NM Balloon Festival 
Albuquerque NM Balloon Festival

Albuquerque NM Balloon Festival
Our Halloween decoration

Roswell NM
Roswell NM

The guy who made the cereal founded this town in Texas.

Big Tex, the State fair mascot

Dealey Plaza
Air Show in FT Worth TX

Texas capital in Austin
Keep Austin Batty.  The bat man.

The Alamo in San Antonio
Patty after our 20 mile bike ride on the mission
trail near San Antonio.  Temp was around 95!

Sandpipers Resort near  McAllen TX.  The Volley Ball Pools
Memorial service at Sandpipers on Memorial Day.  Tear jerking!

Our park for 2 weeks in Harlingen TX before
flying back North for the holidays.
Sandcastles at South Padre Island TX

A day trip to Mexico
Old friends of Patty's in Harlingen

Back to the North for 33 days
 for the Holidays 
Damn, it's snowing already in Ohio

Patty's brother in law Joe carving the turkey
Patty's dad Tom on
Thanksgiving day

Back In NJ at the shore with friends

OBC Member Joe
OBC member Tom
OBC Member Dan

My daughter Jennifer and her husband Christian

Leigh, Patty, Mandy, and Cindy
making Christmas cookies
My sister and her Christmas
 present, the new Lexus

Our 14th anniversary dinner at the Creekside Lodge in Crawfordsville IN
Son's dining room chairs being welded.
Sort of a project of mine.

The grandkids and parents
 at the Children's Museum
of Indianapolis.  Our last day in
Indiana and our last day of holiday travel

Christmas tree at the Indianapolis Airport on
our way back to Brownsville TX

Our new front door for the next 3 months at the
Natures resort in Edcouch TX
Our site at Natures in Texas.

Now on to 2014!

Stay tuned!


Rosemarie Fais said...

We enjoyed the pictures of your year of travel. We had a few places in common that we explored-sorry it didn't work out that we were there at the same time. Maybe this year?
Happy trails!

Steve and Dianne said...

Looks like you guys have had a fun filled year!

Safe travels!