Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

RV Parts Arrived, Wheels are on

September 4 - 6, 2013   

Wednesday the 4th I finished putting on the new wheels and tires. I had already finished the left 2 the past 2 days so I just decided to finish by installing the other 2 today. Then I rearranged the truck to accommodate the old tires and wheels. Yea, I am taking them with us to see if we can find a home for them down the road. Patty put the tires and wheels on Craig’s list in Iron River, Minneapolis MN, and Denver CO. No hits yet. I am going to try an RV dealer when we get near a larger city. We will take the old tires as far as our winter place in Texas and they will not leave there.

I'm using the trucks jack to raise the axle.

New wheel waiting to go on.   Good picture of a sewer hose too!

Pictures of me working on the wheels.

Final torque with a torque wrench. 

Thursday the 5th the RV Park (Chamber of Commerce) put on a free concert on the front lawn. It was very well attended by the town with, I’m guessing, around 125 people. The music was performed by one guy as lead and he had several people come up and accompany him. The music ranged from Country to Classic Rock and a lot of very good originals. One of his songs (not original but first time I heard it)) that stood out for me was Pontoon.  It was a song about the summer time having fun on a pontoon boat. Sort of reminds me of our lives right now.  Anyway they played until it was dark and it got cold out there also. 

Friday the 6th we got the word from our RV tech that the parts had arrived from Indiana and he would repair the RV on Saturday Morning! YES!! This was perfect timing for us. We are paid up until Saturday night so we will leave and continue on down the road on Sunday.

After the news about the RV we took our longest drive since we been here and went to the “city”. We went to the largest city close to Iron River 44 miles away called Iron Mountain Wisconsin. We needed to get a larger air compressor to top off the new tires. The old tires had a maximum pressure of 80 psi and the new ones are 125 psi. I needed to get a compressor that was at least 150 psi. We looked here in Iron River and found nothing. We did some internet research and found the one we wanted at Home Depot and in stock at Iron Mountain. 

Old 110 PSI Air Compressor on left and the new 150 PSI on the right

So off we went to Iron Mountain. There is a Wal-Mart there so we just had to go there too. As a friend said, if you are a full timer, it is a law to go to each Wal-Mart in your area. Patty got a haircut and I picked up some transmission fluid for the leveler system on the RV. That was it for our trip to the big city.

We went out again to Alice’s for another fish fry. We were disappointed this time as they ran out of Walleye! Against my better judgment, I had the grilled Salmon. I love Salmon so it is very hard for me to resist getting it even though we are hundreds of miles from where it would come from. This means it has been frozen and probably for a long time. The Salmon had a good taste but it had been frozen for a very long time so it dry. However, it was only $16.95 so it was OK. Of course Patty had the grilled shrimp that was fantastic.

Tomorrow the RV Tech arrives at 9 am to fix the RV. We are going to get ourselves ready to resume our travels again. We are going to wash clothes, wash the truck, and get it topped off with fuel for our take off on Sunday for Chippewa Falls Wisconsin.

Stay tuned!

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Steve and Dianne said...

Yikes! Sorry to hear about all your tire problems. I got 19 months out of my Marbombs. One tire had 4 " of cord showing. We were in a small Idaho town with only one tire store so had to settle for Tow Max Power Kings. (Howard didn't think to highly of this brand at the fall rally) We just returned from Alaska and I now have unusual wear on two tires. We are going to do the same replacement as you when we get back to the States.
Safe travels!