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Relaxing in the Sun and slowing down

Monday, January 14, 2013

It’s been a few days since I made a post.  We are getting into a pattern now that we are stationery.  So far, no variation in the weather. Every day it's around 65 when we get up and 82 by noon and mostly sunny.  We get up around 7 am which is the same as when we were in the S&B.  We have coffee and do the Internet (news, Facebook, check other BLOGs).  After that we have breakfast around 9 am and then we either walk or ride our bikes for about an hour.  Then we either go to the pool, play Bocce, Patanque, or Shuffleboard or all of the above.  Just about every 3 days we go out of the resort for something.  Lastly, every 2 weeks we wash clothes.  

We've been planning our travels after we leave Florida in June.  We have also been slowly doing a little further planning for the Disney vacation with my son and daughter-in-law and the Grandkids at the end of May.  Seems Disney has started this new service where each person gets a wrist band that has all of the person’s info in it.  It will allow you swipe the band for park entrance, food, and for quick access to the rides, very cool!  However, this new item hasn't been finalized yet.

Today we went out of the resort to get miscellaneous stuff like water, an Rx, and cash a small check.  We also went on a 6.5 mile bike ride where I could check on my spider.   I found a very large spider along one of our bike paths last Thursday so I introduced Patty to it today.  Tonight we are having something a little different for dinner, country pork ribs.  I usually do beef short ribs but decided to do the pork for something different.  After dinner we will probably do our usual and go to the hot tub/pool for a while.

Patty taking the point as we bike
View from one of our walks around the Vista View Park across
 the street from our  resort.
Part of our walking path.
Donkeys for sale along one of our bike paths.
My friend the spider.  It's been here since last Thursday morning.
Nice bike next to the entrance to the local Publix.
Sunset last night.
Tomorrow we are planning to go on an air boat ride in the everglades.  We are also taking our bikes so we can ride on the 15 mile loop there as well.  The bike is just a maybe as we will see what it is like first.  Don’t want to get eaten by an alligator!

Stay tuned!