Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Get a Way to Florida

Today is our last day of our 2 week getaway to Florida.  We leave at an early 7:05AM and need to leave the resort at 4:30 in the morning!

The house sale is still under way.  Last Monday while we were traveling to Haulover Beach in Sunny Isles Beach, our Realtor called and said that the house inspection by the buyer was scheduled for the next day (Tuesday). We said great!

On A1A south to Haulover beach

Our Realtor knows we are away so he will open the house and stay with the inspector, buyer and the buyers Realtor.  We also scheduled the water test which we didn't know was our responsibility but I guess it is.   The buyer pays for everything else, why not the water test?  There is no news on the house inspection and it has been 10 days now.  We believe that is a good sign.

The septic and water test were done on Wednesday and after 2 days no news on that either.  We do not believe there are any issues but it would be nice to have that confirmed.  We are now sort of waiting for the proverbial "other shoe to fall" to see where we are with the inspections and the buyer with their loan commitment.  It feels good we are still moving, just never know until ya know.

We got sucked into a timeshare selling presentation for a breakfast buffet and a $200 hot stone massage for 2.  We have been to these "presentations" a few times now over the years and always hate them.  I think because we have a retirement plan now so we believed we were immune to the sales tactics.  Well we are immune but the torture is still really bad.  If you have never been to one of these you need to do it once just so you will know how these people work and DO NOT bring credit cards or a check book with you.

This timeshare presentation wasn't the worst I have been too but it was one of the longest at 3.5 hours!  The routines are always different but the idea is the same each time which is to make friends with you and then turn the friendship into a betrayal of the friendship if you don't buy.  This time we are given a guy who is really good at making a connection with you over 2 hours with the breakfast and looking at model condos.  After the leisurely breakfast and the model review we are some what rushed into a room with lots of people who are in a similar situation as us and given a "supervisor".  "Our friend" the sales guy tells the supervisor that we are very good people and have seen and know a good deal  now are ready to purchase.  The friend sales guy sits with us and the supervisor while the supervisor acts like they are doing us a favor because of the recommendation of the "friend salesman" and that if we don't follow along we will hurt the friend.  We did not bite on the bait but it is very pressuring.  Then, on our way out to get our gift, we are pulled aside by the "head" guy who looks to be part of the mafia.  He wants to know if the sales guy is any good and what we thought about him.  He then said, just between us, that he had some foreclosure properties in Orlando he would let us have for $5k if we acted now.  We didn't bite again and finally after 3.5 hours were free of them.  It really is an experience though as these people really know what they are doing.  The worst one of these was the first one I went to as I didn't know what was coming and they were more sneaky than usual.  You came in with your wife for a breakfast and a presentation on the resort we were staying at in a small banquet room with about 5 other couples.  They got you and every one else in the room to agree with them that this is a great resort and that you would want to come back especially if the price was right.  After about an hour and a half of this we realize that the presenters are talking to us only and that the other couples were part of the sales staff.  We are now the center of attention in the room.  We didn't bite then either, but it was an experience.

Patty making us sandwiches for the Beach.

We have had the best weather we have ever had in South Florida. Very low humidity in the 40-50% range with nearly no clouds except for the weekend when it rained.  That was OK for us as we changed resorts on Saturday and did routine stuff  like wash clothes and bought food.

Golf at the Bonaventure Country Club

Most every day have been on the beach except for the day we golfed at the on site country club.  It could not have been a better day for golf.  At out 9am tee time it was 65f with bright sun and 40% humidity.  By the time we finished it was only 75f and still no real humidity.

Yesterday we got our well earned massages.  They were full body deep tissue with hot stones massages.  We never had them with the hot stones before.  It was just ok.  We have had much better massages in the islands and especially the last ones we had in the Dominican Republic.

The walkay to the beach

Next week my son and our 4 year old granddaughter fly out to NJ from Indiana for a few days.  The purpose is visit for sure but to also pick out household stuff he wants us to bring out to Indiana in a couple of weeks just before the house closing.  Everything else is going to a garage sale and charity next weekend.  We also open up the beach house we rent for the season.  This will be our last year there but we will be living there starting next week as we empty the house.

One last thing.  We had a visitor last night on our patio, a baby opossum!  Patty went out to get our collapsible cooler she was drying and out pops the opossum.  Patty thought it looked cute!

When the cooler was removed the opossum weaved into the chair back

That's it for now.  The next 2 weeks will be very exciting for us.
Stay tuned!

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