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Potential Buyers - Finally

Hooray for minor things!  We had 2 Realtors bring potential buyers through the house yesterday (Sunday).  These are the first viewers we have had in the 6 weeks of listing the house, although it's only the first week with a Realtor.  We have not heard anything from our Realtor about the impressions from the viewers yet.

The viewers had appointments at noon and sometime between 3 and 4 pm.  We didn't want to be in the house when they arrived so we had to come up with something to to do for about 5 hours.  We got the house ready by turning on all of the lights and opening all of the rooms and doing some light clean-up and were ready to leave by 11:30.  We decided to drive to a railroad trail that I used to run on 20 years ago.

The trail parking area is about 10 miles away. When we arrived we were only the 3rd vehicle in the small lot.  By the time we left at 4pm it had 14 vehicles and 2 horses!  The railroad stopped running on this line in 1966.  The railroad was built in 1853!  Many of the old signal towers are still in the woods with vines and trees growing up in and around them. The whole trail is about 15 miles long running from Waterloo Village (Historic Site) in the south to the north western corner of New Jersey.  We are parked near the south end or about 10 miles from the trail end in the north west corner of NJ.  We decide to first walk south toward the town of Andover about a mile away.  We will have lunch there and walk back and take a nap in the car and then walk a couple of miles in the opposite direction going north.

We are definitely going to walk this trail more and next time have pictures.  We finished our second walk and headed home around 4pm.  Just as we thought, 2 Realtors had left their cards on the breakfast bar.

Now we wait again.


delvaughn said...

Anything new going on? You need to update your blog so I have something to read instead of being productive! LOL Love you guys!

delvaughn said...

This is Tracy, btw. Didn't know it would show up under my "delvaughn" account! LOL