Now in Keyport, NJ

Now in Keyport, NJ

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Visiting friends in Eastern Indiana and on to New Jersey

July 19 - 23, 2018: 

We are on our way for a short trip across Indiana to Centerville.  Centerville is just a few miles from the Ohio border making the trip for us just a short 100 miles.  We do have to traverse the city of Indianapolis and all of the potholes Indiana has to get there though.  Indianapolis is no real big deal but navigating the damn huge and frequent potholes is a big deal!  If one is not very, very careful you can destroy your suspension in the potholes Indiana has on its highways.  

We managed to make it through Indianapolis’s minor traffic and most of the potholes to land at the Sunshower RV resort in Centerville around 2pm.  Our friends Mark and Mary work camp here during the summer.  We met them and became friends at our winter place at Natures Resort in south Texas.  Mary was working the office when we arrive so she answered the intercom at the gate when we pulled up. How cool is that!  After getting us bussed in we met her and Mark as they arrived on a golf cart to show us our site for the next few days.  We also have friends, Robin and Gene, who live in New Castle Indiana a few miles away, also from Natures in South Texas. We planned to meet up with them also while in the Centerville/New Castle area. 

In between the rain and mostly gloomy weather while we were there we did manage to spend some time with everyone just not as much as we would have liked.  Friday night we went out to eat a very nice restaurant, the No. 9 Grill, in Cambridge City, with Robin and Gene.  After dinner we all went back to our RV and visited for a while.  It was a great time, just short!

Right after this picture the sky opened up and it really rained hard!

Across the street was this mural of Lincoln. 
His funeral train stopped here to the left.

On Saturday we took a road trip to Oxford Ohio with Mary and Mark.  Oxford is a cute little college (Miami University) town just a few miles from the Indiana/Ohio border.   We had a nice lunch at Mac & Joe's and then some Ice Cream after for dessert.  We walked the town square and then drove back.  It was nice drive seeing the countryside with friends.

Saturday night Sunshower had a DJ dance.  It was scheduled to be a bigger event but the rain and threat of lots of rain prevented their larger plans from taking shape.  So a DJ dance in the clubhouse it was.  We had a good time at the dance and we met a few nice people.

Sunday was mostly a bust for us as it rained off and on most of the day.  And then Monday we were on our way farther east toward New Jersey.  

Our original plans were to head to North Jersey for a Picnic that Patty had arranged for former work friends.  The picnic turned out to be a bust as too many people had other plans at that time. It sucked a bit for us we fronted the money for the non-refundable pavilion where it was to be held.  It is always a risk for these things during the summer months.  There are only so many weekends in the summer so people have to plan carefully and it is hard to get a place to hold events for the same reason.  Anyway, it is what it is.  I seem to say that a lot anymore! 

Patty also is having issues related to her mental health; depression and anxiety.  This has been an ongoing issue for her since she was 13 years old but it has been much more pronounced since we have been full-time RV traveling.  It’s not that she needs frequent care but she does need consistent care.  Since we have been full time traveling she has been unable to get any mental health care, let alone consistent care.  We started with health care in Indiana and they wouldn’t treat her since she wasn’t a resident!  Next we tried our winter place in South Texas. We even became residents of Texas and still were not able to find mental health care.  We are hoping that Florida is better.

Anyway, her symptoms seem to always increase as we travel.  We are now closing in on 5 months on the road this year and Patty is in need of treatment.  So we wrote off the NJ picnic all together and are arriving at our friends Cindy and Rob’s driveway a few days early.  Patty is going to check in to a mental health hospital near their house for a while to get fixed up. 

After leaving Indiana we made 2 stops along the way to New Jersey.  The first was in Belmont Ohio at the Barkcamp State Park for a 2 nighter.  Our next stop was in Burnt Cabins Pennsylvania at the Grist Mill & Campground.  This is a place we had stayed at a few years ago.   We stayed here just one night before heading the last 150 miles to Cindy and Rob's in Keyport New Jersey.

The country camp store in the state park

Our rig from the camp store

On a hike in the Ohio state park.  Weird growth on this tree

Someone found this Geocache and destroyed it along the trail!

OK, that is it for this post.  Stay tuned!

Stay Tuned!

Final 2 weeks with Family In Indiana for 2018

July 01 - 19, 2018: 

The last 2 (closer to 3 weeks) weeks in Crawfordsville Indiana took us through the 4th of July, granddaughter Savannah’s 15th birthday, my daughter Jennifer with husband Christian arriving, as well as other family type stuff.  Sometimes it feels like life is standing still until you look back and see you have done a bunch of stuff together!  This is one of those times. 

Livy showing us her art supplies

Girls at our campsite for a swim.  Savannah on left in pool and Livy right

We got back from Cedar Point and then the 4th was just around the corner.  We had a BBQ at my son Tony’s house to celebrate the 4th.  That seems to be enough for all of us as the temperatures were near 100 with humidity nearly as high.  None of us really wanted to sit outside and watch fireworks this year due to that heat! So after some BBQ and some board games we headed back to our trailer and the sanctuary of AC.  We got to see a few fireworks, from our window, and we certainly heard them too!

A few days later we attended a party for our granddaughter Savannah’s 15th birthday on the 8th.  She had 2 sets of grandparents and a friend or 2 there.  After having cake and ice cream we headed out to see the new movie Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.  I really liked the first Jurassic Park movie but this one was a tad stale.  It wasn't bad but wasn’t really good either.  Anyway it was fun with family!

Tracy (with cake),  Bailey and Tony

Grandma Bogart looks on as Savannah gets her cake

Brenda Bogart Henderson, Savannah, Bailey

At the end of the week my daughter Jennifer and her husband Christian arrived from New Jersey.  It’s not too often that both of my kids and I are in the same place so that was a memorable time!  We got together and had a BBQ and we went to the Indy Zoo as some of the fun stuff we did.

Christian and Jennifer Milling, Livy, Tony, Patty

Feeding time!

In a few weeks we will be in NJ and visit with Jennifer again so we tried to make sure they had some time with the Indiana family by themselves.  It’s all good!

We also had a nice visit with my cousins on my mother’s side of the family.  Thanks to Nana Canada Rising for that.  Nana is a year and a day older than me.  She is the daughter of my mom’s brother (my uncle) Dale Canada. She has been taking the initiative for the past few years to make sure that when we are in town we all get together.  Her parents are now gone and so are mine so we just have each other left in this part of the family.  It was nice to see everyone again!  Again, thanks to Nana!

The Montgomery County 4H Fair event was open while we were in town too.  We aren't too much about 4H fairs but it was a nice time to eat crap and see farm animals.

Cow judging.  We stayed around a bit to see how this was done
but didn't learn much

This girl is walking a fake chicken!

Tony and Livy

Getting cows ready for judging

Waiting in line for judging
We also had an afternoon of family bowling. Crawfordsville has a great bowling alley and we were the only ones in it when we started at 2 in the afternoon.  I think it was the first time I have bowled in 4-5 years with exception of Wii bowling!
Savannah, Bailey, Livy

Bailey, Livy, Tony, Patty




Patty and I saw Chrisse Hyde and The Pretenders in Indianapolis too!  That was fun!  I had always thought that Chrisse was a real tall big woman.  Well I was wrong, she is a very small woman.  

Before The Pretenders concert we had dinner at this great German restaurant across the street from the concert venue

Inside the restaurant

The Murat Temple and Theater

We had some time to kill after dinner and before the concert.  We didn't ride this but it was going around the downtown circle area of Indianapolis

Soldiers and Sailors Monument in downtown Indianapolis

Entrance to the Murat theater

Fireball shot girls in the Murat lobby

Chrisse Hyde

OK, well that about wraps it up for our time with family in Indiana.  Our next stop is on the other side of the state near New Castle and Centerville to see friends from South Texas where we stay for the winter. Then we are off to New Jersey.

Stay Tuned!