Now in Keyport, NJ

Now in Keyport, NJ

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

New Year’s Eve,the Beach, and Date Night

Sunday - Friday December 30 – January 6, 2012  

 We are still getting accustomed to living in one place again.  This is now the longest stay we have had yet at 18 days.  However, this is what we really wanted to do when we started.  We wanted to stay in one place for a week to a month at a time.  We wanted to settle in and feel like a local in as many places as possible, really get a feel for the area and the people.  That’s happening here now, we are starting to feel like part of the park community and we can navigate a lot of the surrounding area without the GPS.  I do have to say though that moving around is very addicting.  I’m surprised that I like the driving as much as I do.

Christmas decorations we found on one of our bike trips.

We celebrated New Year’s Eve here at the park.  Patty caught my cold so we didn't stay long after dinner and went back to the RV.  Patty fell asleep in her recliner and I watched the tribute to Dick Clark on TV.  It’s always sort of sad when an icon dies like Dick Clark.  As you get older there are fewer and fewer icons around.  I guess at some point we will be the icons.  That reminds me of the line by Mick Jagger when asked why he doesn't stay home and become a pillar of society; He said “We checked around and couldn't find any communities  still needing a pillar”.  I did make it to midnight and the New Year 2013.  I woke Patty up and gave her a kiss.  Then it was off to bed for us.

The pool area set up for the new years eve Party.

Our New Years Day feast of Steak, Baked Potato,
and  parmesan Asparagus.

We decided that we would go to our favorite beach here on Thursday.  One of our new friends here, Rose, came along with us.  It was a really great day.  The temperature was 83 with just enough breeze to make it very comfortable.  Even the water was nice at 75.  We met up with some old friends from Sandy Hook as well as many friends we have come to know over the years here in Florida.  We got back just at dark around 6 pm.  We ended the day with a meal of crab legs again and some hot tub time before bed time.

Stuff for the beach.  First time we went to the beach in
Florida with our Sandy Hook stuff.

Our beach, Haulover, was also affected by the hurricane Sandy.  The hurricane was no closer than 300 miles from the beach, but it pushed out really big waves.  Also like in NJ/NY it made the tides here much higher than normal.  For those that know the beach, the high tide and waves turned the beach into an island just like what happens at Sandy Hook.  Also, the inter-coastal water came in all the way to the ticket booth in the parking lot.  Again, like Sandy Hook, Haulover now has 4 feet of extra sand.  However Haulover had the sand added in height.  You actually walk up when you enter the beach now and the beach is about 8 feet higher than the water.

Friday we had a date night.  We had a restaurant gift certificate from our mail forwarding service for referring a couple. Thanks Donna and Alan Ferguson!  We picked a casual local seafood place here in Davie about 3 miles away.  It was great evening for sitting outside to eat.  It’s hard to believe but the temperature last night at dinner was still 77.  I had a wonderful piece of Salmon and Patty had just OK ribs.  We still had a great time though.  All the outdoor tables had old wooden rocking benches, which was unique.  After dinner we did our usual and went to the hot tub before TV and bed around midnight.

Tomorrow I believe we are going to take a long bike ride early before it gets too hot. Stay tuned!

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Christiana Gaudet said...

Glad you are settling in - we like having you as neighbors!