Now in Keyport, NJ

Now in Keyport, NJ

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

RV Storage and Family Holiday Visiting

Monday - Monday: November 17-26, 2012 

We just ended the first leg of our family holiday visiting trip by visiting Patty’s family in Buffalo NY for Thanksgiving. We are now in a Days Inn just off of Interstate 71 and 40 miles north of Columbus Ohio.  This is just a stopover for the night before completing our journey from Buffalo NY to Crawfordsville Indiana.    Indiana will be the 2nd part of holiday trip to visit Grandkids, My Son and his wife, my brother and sister, and my step-father.

Last Monday we took the RV and truck to the storage yard where it will be for the next month while we visit family and friends up north in NY, IN, and NJ.  We left the truck connected to the 5th wheel as it is $25 cheaper that way due to the smaller foot print.  I did take the weight off of the truck by raising the RV with the levelers.  I also raised the RV to reduce the weight on the RV suspension.  As further protection for the levelers, I sprayed the hydraulic tubes with silicone.  To help keep insects out of the RV we sprayed insecticide around the levelers and the wheels and again around the entire truck and RV.  Hopefully we did enough to protect the RV.

We had a great Thanksgiving Day dinner at Patty’s sister Cheryl Griffin Schumacher's house.   Then on Friday we went out with Patty’s parents to Mister Dees for a fish fry which is always good J  Saturday we just chilled out having a lazy day.  Sunday we went to a Bills Football party with Patty’s sister and her Husband Joe.  The Bills were playing the Indiana Colts so we had some friendly rivalry.   We also got about 3 inches of snow to make it really feel like he holidays up north.  Monday, we left Buffalo NY for Crawfordsville IN. 

Our rig parked in the Seminole storage yard.  Note our Chinese rose (Rosie) on the steps.  We left her there to soak up the Florida sun and rain.
Our rig is protected behind this gate at the entrance.

Snow in the Buffalo area.  This is the start of the 3 inch snow.

Tomorrow we travel the last 250 miles to Crawfordsville IN.

Stay tuned!

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